WHERE ARE YOU NOW? is the last level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 5.


Two weeks after Soap and Jamie Salmon had been captured, Soap has finally been recovered by an undercover rebellion, nearly dead. Unfortunately they are to late to save Salmon, who has been transferred to another prison. One of Soap's comrades is now upset, as Soap is nearly dead, and one of Soap's friends is missing, none other then Matt Griggs.

Griggs, nearly ten years ago was shot in the neck and was unable to move anything in his body for over seven years, when he was finally able to move, he joined the SAS again, finshing a three year campaghn. Then he joined the rebellion.

Griggs gets a sileinced SAW and a Mini-Uzi, and goes into the base, along with twenty explosive charges and plants them all one by one throughout the base, planning for not only the Russian's death, but his revenge. With only twenty seconds to go, Griggs escapes to the outside of the building only to be caught in the explosion, but escapes with minor wounds.

Later they find out that Salmon had NOT been moved to another base it is assumed dead by the rebellion, and they recive word that Russia is sending another strike to destroy every country, except for communist states.