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Hi, I'm Bill Starkweather. I really love this wiki and to death! Soon, I will edit more of my profile. I'm sick now - 11.24.15 But I'm a pretty awesome person and one day I will be a multi-billionaire and with all that money I will take over stuff and then everyone will have to worship me there. It will be so awesome. You might know me as Mikhail Starkwovkov, Ukraine-Russian gang boss.

I also own a smoke and tobacco company. Ironically enough, I am straight edge for life... I came back to this Wiki for a bit, but I won't create too much of old paiges that need creatin', perhaps only old ones who haven't been made yet.

D-A-M-O-N! Better than the Best! Megalomaniacal & smarter than the rest!

'Bout me

"This world is a bad place and hypocritical at its finest. People who haven't done jacksith in life complain how life is harsh and how the govt. is evil and want a different type a' govt. despite the current one is spoiling them up to the amen. Most who follow "god" only use him as an excuse to do their crimes and feel good about it. In a sense, I could say so that they do not feel any guilt about what they've done. They'll just "pray it away". The libtard couch-potatoes and religious fanatics, I mean."
— My simplest words of wisdom on two particular groups.

Greetings, my name is Billy Cougar, and I'm a Chat Moderator on this Wiki. I am probably the youngest user on the Wiki but I make the most edits daily. I was on this Wiki since 2013 and I can't believe years fly so fast.

I am a Slovene citizen of Serbian and possibly Swedish descent. My father is from Slovenia, and my mother is from Sweden. I have pure pale skin (I went out on the sun very rarely and I look like an Irish with my skin because its white like snow, so unfortunately, I probably don't consume much vitamin D), dark brown almost black hair, neutral brown eyes, am 5'7" (172 cm) tall (at best), and weight 1345-something lbs (55 kg). I am one of the shortest students in my class but I do not have a Napoleon complex. Still, I am bigger than Donald Trump's hands. Basically, I am the shortest kid in probably my whole village up to the closest city, no kidding. I like to keep my nails long and in the past I used to colour my nails but switched to not doing it because it looks too um... yeah, for my standards.

I am racially a Nordic-Slavic-Caucasian.

I'm a fluent speaker of British English and Slovene and I'm currently trying to become more fluent in German and Russian. I am also learning Hebrew and Cyrillic and I can sing in Hebrew. I write with my right hand.

Politically I identify as nothing really, as I have very mixed views on both sides. I am anti-religious and prefer communism over fascism or nazis. According to 8 Values, I am a liberal. The things I hate can be found down below, but for what I like at this matter, I like: EU, ALF, immigrants, LGBT's, BLM, some Republicans, mostly Democrats, OSF, gun-control, and the newest Anti-Flag songs, not their old anti-Bush ones.

In general I like video games, gambling, playing an instrument, imagining myself in charge of a larger empire, bombing countries (lel), being home all day and barely get any sun so I can stay the cute lil' Snow White that I am. I also like to troll on FB.

The only reason I had the Antifa's logo as my profile pic is because we live in times where nationalism, which I despise, is on the rise.

My fav school subjects are history and probably maths.

I'm the type of guy who really hates protagonists and loves antagonists for some bizarre reason.

I am literally on this Wiki ALL the time. I am pretty much a Wiki addict, lel.

I like bad rappers like Weezy F Baby and OG Loc.

I should also add I'm a vegetarian.

And get this; I am so much of an atheist, I don't even celebrate christmas! I'M THE ONLY TRUE GOD!!!!

I love evil characters and anything evil in general, both on this Wiki and real life, mwahahaha.

My favourite pages are

(quietly whispers) no, it's NOT!

Some people spoke of FBI as:

Leg: They come dressed cocky as king of diamonds and promising to bringing peace and I don't know what else good to the west,. But excutly they bring nothing but troubles and taxes. John: I agree with you, wolfs in sheep clothes! Nicky: Oh, is life like that isn't it? Edgar: (To John) That ain't true, Marston! Nicky: I've lost my way. Edgar Rose: (To Leg) How dare you!? Leg: But it's true, you bring nothing but troubles and taxes! Rose: So? Leg: So? That ain't nice! It ain't natural! Edgar Rose: Who made you Mother Nature and Mother Superior all in the same time? Who made you, Leg? Same guy as made me! Same guy as made Rj. Rj Peart: Yup, I guess that's true. Edgar Rose: See, Leg? Beside, it's the mayor's fault! John: Ain't it always? Nate: Don't you go blaiming me, guys! Don't you go blaming ME! Blame Luic... I mean Randy-Newman... I mean Lucas,... well folks respect me. Lucas Borlinghathen: Nah, they don't! Nate: Yes the DO! You fat liar! Lucas: Do you know who I am? Nate: Yes, a hobo! Now select me as president! Lucas: In your dreams! I may select Obama or Romney, hmm... Nate: Please select me! Lucas: No! After what you said to me. Edgar: See? That's why I ain't joining the politics. John: You are, being an Agent is some sort of political thing. Edgar: No it's not! John: Yes it is. Edgar: NO! Sammy:... Mwahahahahahahahaha, all of the politics my friends, you are for fools, that's why there are so many around here, the land of morons. Nate, Lucas, Edgar: Curse you! Sammy: It is true... Nate, Lucas, Edgar: (They s**t on his head) Sammy: NO!!! F**K! It stinks! Lucas, Nate, Edgar: Take That! Sammy: (Spits the s**t out) Bleah! Curse you all! John: (Pisses on Sammy) Hahaha. Dumb, f**kin' idiot. (Shao Kahn comes with his big-a*z UFO) Kahn: You will all bow to me! Nyain. (All): No! Kahn: Nyaaaaaiinn! (Distracted by sumthin') WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?!? (UFO explodes). King of Diamonds: I'm your king now! Hahaha! (All): NO! King of Diamonds: MWAHAHAHAHA! Murkoff Dixmor: Ugh! Dixmors! UGH! WTF you have me better at saying? This (Sammy) modafaka lookin' like someone started exercism on it, and didn't finish. Anywho: I heard you was saying my patients' uglier than you (Sammy) is. But on thy real; Ain't nobody who is. It's a Dixmor, and of curse I got alot of money, modapaka, I won at least 80 lottos! And let's not talk about teh Tattaglias Barzinis killed off, they used some big-s knives to chop them face off! 'Cause god damn! Let's be honest, mang. Sam's face so fuaked up that's it's hard to comprehend. But on the wheel, lemme break it down! You thought u was winnin'? Biatch, lemme get thy crown! Don't nopony like you s, is why they turned around. And on the next Outworld terrorist attack. Tattaglias r' gon' BIATCH! Shao: Nyain, Murkoff owned him. Sammy: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baraka on Raiden suddently: Mom frano, ok... now we're a partner... Check it: Hi Raiden, or should I say Gay-den? I know you got a crush on me, that's why u hatin'. Remember that 1 time I and me, now infrtona all these people tryna diss me? It ok, kart we go ok. Recordered cooper-ey. Look playa, u don't wanna test meh, I can't be your right hand man, cause I took a hard time. Now suddenly Adam Bell VS Shao Kahn, begin! Shao: Sigh? U meen when I watch u play with little kids on the playground, and when u took ur mask down, nobody know who u r. Biatch, I'm star! Me and Reiko gonna make Rush Hour 4, u can pind us wher the chicks r chillin', don't bring the Russian dude, guy looks like a Pixar villain! (Continue later) Adam: You better rub ur tummy 4 gut luck, Chuck! 'Cuz wen you meant 2 say lunch u say launch, ur a fak-UP! When I said "nuke the Chinese" I meant put the takeout in the microwave, up! U suck Greed's Rodman, you're a green guy's biatch! Shao-Khan-Kardashian! Shao: I seized the power, I will destroy like the Bolsheviks in 1917! You're a Chinese Soulja Boy! Your macho don't affect me. I'M KING OF THE OUTWORLD! And winter's cumming real fast, hide your twin daughters! U got China fans? I've got White Walkers! Adam: I'm Sosa, I'll eat your Seoul, I'll turn you into Kenshi! Ur less a communistic threat than a movie producer in the '50's! You grew up under Hell, I'll friggen' Toblerone own you! I'm a mother/father gentleman, my father would disown u! Khan: Gentleman? Didn't u reed the memo? Nice guys finish last! You won't be able to Gangman Style when I put ur arm in a cast! You're a fad! You're just mad cause you're no longer on top of the billboard trust. Now I'll hang you from the top of a billboard in parts! I'm a North Outworld reader, baller, fortune cookie eater and an Asian pussi reader, YOU'RE LAMER THAN DRAGON KINK'S ARMY LEADER! NYAING! Got a little sized-dik and a brittle sidekik - I'm worth 5 OCTILLION, THIS IS GENOCIDE, BICHY! Adam: Ur a clock witout a tick, das right; U r all talk. 5 trillion Outworld rubies? How many chocolate factories have u bought? I do blow up zip's top shelf, u will blow up yourself. Ur armi's small, u get picked last, ur too short for six flags! YOU'RE NOT KING OF OUTWORLD, BISH! U DEAD! U Jon Snow, bastard son of Ned! They call u a "reader"? They say ur supreme?! Butt only cuz' ur stomach's always filled with sava cream! SPEECH! GANGMAN STYLE!

This is me infobox.

Me irl.

I'm a lone wolf looking for trouble.jpg
Biographical information
Real name As I said "I won't tell you"
Also known as King of Diamond(s), Shrimpy (Former), Cody, King, Friend, Jokester, Diamond-obsessed f**k (by haters), good-looking jerk, bully, troll, budalo (by haters), Damon the Anorexic
Nationality Serbian flag.gifSlovenia!.gifSwedish flag.png Slovenian-Swedish-Serbian, but I also like France, Columbia, England, USA, and Australia, how the hell should I know? But, I am really from Outworld or Nevah Nevah Land.
Status Alive
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blonde
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Some Facebook friends
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Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) In the World, daft git
Voiced by (English) Me
"You mess with me, you will die! Ok?!"
— Me
"This edit will be your last!"
— Me before blocking someone

Jack Marston: I'm a real killer! Noob: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! No. Jack: U must DIE, Biyatch! Jack: *Shoots*

Me: Cool.

IMG 20180202 213323.jpg

Scot: Aye! Me bottle' O' scrumpyeh!

Surname: Stalker
First Name: James
Age: 44
Place of Birth: Hollywood
  • Leader of Stalker's Gang, and owner of VVE
Criminal Record:
  • 1990 - Count of rape
  • 1991 - Assault on woman
  • 2000 - Assault of Police officer
  • 2001 - Using drugs: Heroin
  • 2002 - Killing a woman
  • Believed to mix reality with films.
  • Not much is known about him, other than that he has a serious problem with rapism and stalking.

The Barzinis

The Cuneos

Mr. Nasty 2.png
Surname: Nasty
First Name: Mister
Age: ?
Place of Birth: ?
  • None
Criminal Record:
  • 1995 - Killed 2 couples in NY
  • 1996 - Killed 4 couples in California
  • 1996 - Killed 3 young girls
  • 1997 - Burned down 2 houses
  • 1998 - Burned down another house and 3 Police cars
  • 2003 - Killed a police officer
  • 2003 - Killed an harmless old man
  • 2004 - Killed a young man and injured a girl
  • 2007 - Killed a teen girl and a 14 hobos
  • 2009 - Killed 2 teens and 3 couples
  • 2015 - Killed 2 more couples
  • His identity is unknown.
  • He writed a note to the police, he kills beecause it is very much fun.

McCaffrey drawing.png
Surname: McCaffrey
First Name: Grosvenor
Age: 29
Place of Birth: California
  • None
Criminal Record:
  • 1967 - Beated a poor woman near to death, died due to injures
  • 1971 - Killed a young girl for stealing his book
  • 1971 - Killed 2 lesbian girls
  • 1972 - Killed a girl 4 insulting and bullying him
  • 1972 - Suspected killing a young woman 4 stealing from his wallet
  • 1973 - Killed a man and put his body in the freezer
  • 1973 - Butchered up a woman and put her in a freezer too
  • 1973 - Killed 2 girls
  • 1974 - Killed 4 more girls
  • 1974 - Beated a punk up to death
  • 1975 - Killed another woman
  • He was known as the "Lady killer" for killing many innocent women, he also said he had a hard life and that he used to be bullyed by girls in school.
  • It is unknown if he was cannibal or not.

Mike Soleri.jpg
Surname: Cuneo
First Name: Marco
Age: 37
Place of Birth: London
  • Cuneo Family
Criminal Record:
  • 1996 - Murdred a slut
  • 1997 - Murdered a stripper
  • 1998 - Killed 2 more sluts
  • 1999 - Brutally stabbed a prostitute to death
  • 2000 - Killed another stripper
  • 2001 - Killed 3 strippers
  • 2002 - Killed 2 more sluts, 1 survived, but died due to injures
  • 2003 - Butchered up a woman who was suspected to be a whore
  • 2004 - Killed another whore
  • 2005 - Bombed up a strip club
  • 2006 - Sliced up a 19-year old girl who was suspected to be a slut
  • 2007 - Murdered 10 stippers and bombed the strip club, again
  • 2008 - Killed 4 sluts
  • He is the underboss of the Cuneo Family.
  • He hates porn very much, he has his mind cleaned up 100% out of porn.

Adolf Ackermann drawing.png
Surname: Ackermann
First Name: Adolf
Age: 73 (in 1972 - 36)
Place of Birth: Connecticut
  • None
Criminal Record:
  • 1967 - Murdered a man
  • 1968 - Killed a slut
  • 1969 - Murdered 2 women
  • 1970 - Killed 3 more woman
  • 1971 - Raped and molested a woman to death
  • 1971 - Buried a man alive
  • 1971 - Robbed 3 graves
  • 1972 - Killed 3 young girls and bury 'em
  • 1973 - Murdered a young group of teenagers and bury them
  • 1974 - Killed a nice young boy and girl, while they busy havin' sex
  • He is so insane he even cuts his own left cheek.
  • He is known 2 bee the USA's scariest serial killer ever, until this calling gone to Mr. Nasty. So much people believed the Death screamed when she saw him creeping through the graves.

Mr. Happy will cut Cash's bro, piece by piece.jpg
Surname: Coburn
First Name: David
Age: 51
Place of Birth: Hanover
  • Leader of Innocentz gang
Criminal Record:
  • 1998 - Murdered a kid
  • 1999 - Killed 2 young girls
  • 2000 - Butchered up a kid
  • 2001 - Killed 2 women
  • 2002 - Killed 1 girl, 3 boys escaped, 1 seriously injured, died due to injures
  • 2003 - Raped, killed, and molested 2 little girls
  • 2004 - Raped, killed, and molested 11 little girls
  • 2005 - Drunk shot dead a young boy
  • 2006 - Butchered up Cash's brother
  • Known as the "Perverted Clown" by his survived victims.
  • It is a rumor he might be Mr. Nasty.

My Dreams

  • Find a reason to live and stop dying inside.
  • Abolish capitalism after finding it useless. (Not yet)
  • Stop hating myself.
  • Become rich. (In progress)
  • Get fans for free. (In progress)
  • Be the biggest God ever. (Not even started yet)
  • Be rich more so haters can also bee jealous of me. (In progress)
  • Get many suits and ties, fancy other clothes, and get my black hair coloured gold/blond or keep it black. (Not started yet)
  • Get Hitler's youth hairstyle.(Probably in progress)
  • Get me some jewels. (Not started yet)
  • Get to have a cute nerdy-lookin' gurlfriend (it has to be a ginger or have freckles) (like Beatrice (Bully) or Beth (TD), not really, tho) and live with her forever. (Not started yet) I would also like a Jew girl.
  • Control celebrities. (In progress)
  • Bee cuddled and hugged by my dream gurl (Either Beatrice or Beth or Josee from TD:RR, or some Aryan gal with freckles, not really, tho). (Not started)
  • Bully a bully so much til' he cries, then laugh at his cries and finish him off with a punch. (Not started yet)
  • Get revenge on Christians and half of my people for wat they did too me. (In progress)
  • Get so rich too buy butlers and over hundred lawyers and agents, probably. (Not started yet)
  • Create a Communist paradise free of majorities.
  • Get blond hair and blue eyes and prove Aryan's race superiority (no).
  • Delete capitalism from the world.
  • Kill myself after my job is done so I can be recreate as a God.
  • Create a pure minority-free Devilish nation because xistianis are nothing but abomination.
  • Create a vegan world.

My Hit List (people that will end up working for me):

  • Christians.
  • Oppressive Christians.
  • Bronies.
  • Furries.
  • Silly atheists who disagree with me.
  • Furfags again.
  • FNAF fans.
  • Islamic extremists.
  • Homophobes.
  • Racists.
  • Paedophiles.
  • Peasants.
  • Sex Slaves.
  • Internet trolls (some).
  • Racists again.
  • Rainbow Dash (Crash) fans again.
  • Rainbow Dash.
  • Christians again.
  • Xistianity
  • Discord.
  • Derpy.
  • Scootaloo.
  • Muslims.
  • Judaists.
  • People who don't masturbate in public.
  • Tunisians.
  • Zionist Jews
  • Bunch of more of my classmates, people on Google +, random peasants, etc.
  • HUMANITY (number 1 thing I hate the most).
  • People I hate.
  • God (as in me) haters.
  • Rich people.
  • People who oppose me as their lord and master (basically whole humanity).
  • Muslims.
  • Religious fanatics.
  • Non-cloppers (maybe, it's hard to decide).
  • People who gave shame to their Aryan race.
  • Haters of the Aryan or Jewish race.
  • Nazis.
  • Jewish crapitalists and ZOG rulers.
  • Humanity.
  • Capitalists.
  • Conservatives.
  • Humanists
  • Liberals
  • Whites (as in fascist Tsarists, not white people).
  • Republicans.
  • Sithy Democrats.
  • Those who oppose most minority rights.
  • Tzar Nikolai II.
  • Lenin haters, because he was God.
  • Hitler and his party.
  • Humanity.
  • Monarchy haters.
  • Cuckservatives (sadly, there's a lot of 'em).
  • Ustasas.
  • Neo-Nutzies who think they rule everything.
  • The Great o' Mighty 1's.
  • Slovenia haters.
  • Nationalists.
  • Straight people with privilege.
  • Too much meat eaters.
  • Racist people.
  • The cringy part of the Fortnite FANDOM (which is like 90% of it's fans).
  • Abortnite in general.
  • Boomers.
  • Mainstream musick listeners.
  • The Big Man Upstairs
  • Trump

Things I like

  • Anything degenerate
  • GOOD music
  • Myself
  • World peace
  • Anything anti-religious
  • People of authority
  • Anitfa
  • OSF (partially)
  • Money
  • EU (partially)
  • Communism
  • Red stuff
  • My pet
  • Animals
  • Good cops
  • Good people of colour who know their place
  • Good white people
  • Good gays
  • Weapons
  • NRA (hard to believe it, ain't it?)
  • Bernie Sanders
  • People who kill within reason
  • Good o' Yugoslavia.
  • Hitler.
  • Goebbels.

My old theme song. I don't use this anymore.


Hervardi - Hej Slovenci (Billy Cougar's new theme song)


File:BTC City, Dorks.jpg

Bob Bobby leader of the gang.

"Ur dead!"-Gang's quote

The BTC City, Dorks is a gang that hungs out in Hell's Kitchen.


The BTC City gang was found by 7 teenagers in 2014 as Bob Bobby beign the leader, they are evil, and a big bullies, almost as evil as Bowery Boys but not so much. The BTC had 2 rivals; Diablo Nemesis Gang, and God's mobsters. They were in fight with both gangs many times in school. The gang mostly during breaks get in fight with God's mob or Diablo Nemesis and sometimes they get the upper hand, but that's rarey. The gang mostly after school go up to Hell's Kitchen playground for secret meetings and such. Their stronghold was dat playground.


  • Bob Bobby - Leader
  • Mousey - Second in command
  • Stain
  • Carmella - Madam, gurlfriend of Bob
  • Anna - Second female member
  • Bathtub
  • Al

Rivals with Diablo Nemesis Gang

When Bob and Diablo's Boys leader, Henry come to school, they were first best friends, but it soon ended as Gaspar was lying to Henry that Bob was gossiping about him. The next three days at school Bob and Henry were arguing about the gossiping with Bob saying "I didn't do it! You Daiablo sun-of-a-bitch!" and Henry responding "Shut the fuck up!", and Gaspar was laughing as Bob was loosing friend. The fourt day a battle started between Bob and Owen and Henry saw it, he hurry ran and helped Owen, witch made Bob even more angry and he wanted to fight with both of them, but principal come soon and stoped the fight. From that day on, BTC and Diablo Nemesis members where fighting each day.

Rivals with God's mob Gang

After Bob's spy Stain found out it was Gaspar leader of God's mobsters who was ratting them out, Bob decided he would give Gaspar a beating he will never forget. During lunch break in school, Bob was trying to attack Gaspar and beat him up, but he cuden't as Henry of Diablo Nemesis run up and covered Gaspar. After that Bob dicided that Mousey and Stein should mock Gaspar everytime during breaks so he could rest and focus on the rest of the God's mob gang. And Henry of course was insulted and threathen by Bathtub with things like how he will squeeze his cat to death and kill him and kill all of his best fictional characters, however he hurry escaped before Henry could catch him.


  • Bob's gang is the second most brutal teenage gang on Wiki, the first one is Bowery Gang.
  • Bobby and his gang had stronghold in Hell's Kitchen.
  • Stain once put face of Matthew Mooses into his balls, and Matthew almost puke.
  • Anna likes to fall in love with her opponets.
  • Mousey also once sit on top of Angus Mooses and Angus could bearly breath.



Henry leader of the gang.

"Long Live the DRAGON KING! Muahahahaha!"-Gang's quote

The Diablo Nemesis Gang is a gang that hangs round' in Little Italy.


The gang was found by 8 teenagers in 2014 with some Henry as their leader, they are 1 of the thoughest teenage gangs in New York. Diablo Nemesis had 1 rival: BTC City, Dorks. They first become friends at begining of school but after a month Gaspar was rattin' BTCs out. And soon Henry and BTC leader Bob Bobby had fights in school, however Diablo Nemesis woned most of the times. Bob later send Bathtub to take care of Henry (if he can) and Mousey and Stain to take care of Gaspar. After school, Diablo Nemesis along with God's mobsters run up to Mid Town to Henry's house for some meetings and such. Henry also once saved Owen Waterburn from Bobby. They're also friends with Blue Fist. Their stronghold was Henry's house along with God's mob.


  • Henry - Leader
  • Tony Baloney - second in command
  • Martha - Madam, gurlfriend of Henry
  • Jake
  • Sebastian
  • Mikey Sarge - shy member
  • Larry Berry
  • Rooftop

Rivals with BTC City, Dorks Gang

They were friends at begining but now arch-enemies, they sometimes found themselfs with BTC in park and have brutal fights, mostly Diablo Nemesis win. Also not long ago in April, Mousey broke Larry Berry's arm and he gotta go to hospital, and Bank was very pissed off on Mousey. However that was long time ago.


  • Diablo in Spanish means "Devil" but humoresly they're homies with God's mobsters, but in real life Devil and God hate each-other.
  • Henry appears to be somewhat a kid criminal due his outfit.
  • Diablo Nemesis and God's mob had the same hideout, Henry's kuča.
  • BTC also call Henry "Devil's gift".
  • Mikey Sarge rearly joins meetings.
  • Tony's some sorta kid made of pink cream.
  • I don't have Rooftop's pic.


File:Gaspar no Gomez.png

Gaspar leader of the gang.

"We brough them GOD! But they didn't like him, they say "Fuck u Gawd." Thoes fucking siners!"-Gang's quote

The God's mobsters is a gang that hungs out in Midtown.


God's mobsters was found by 7 teenagers in 2014 and have Gaspar as their leader, they are religious and evil similiar to BTC City, Dorks. God's mob has 1 rival: BTC City, Dorks. They first become enemies when Al was insulting and fighting with Owen Waterburn in class, and he won. The God's mobsters soon were fighting with BTCs during breaks and they mostly got the win. Soon Bobby sent Stain and Mousey to deal with Gaspar, while another member of BTC Bathtub was threathing Henry. The gang had stronghold, Henry's house in Little Town, despise being from Mid Town. The gang is very friendly to Diablo Nemesis Gang as they seem to help out each-other much, despise Owen and Henry hate eachother at one point, they still halp each other out. Their stronghold was Henry's house.


  • Gaspar - Leader
  • Owen Waterburn - Second in command
  • Matthew Mooses
  • Angus Mooses
  • Flower puts
  • Zach Riverboat - Treated bad
  • Jerry Boy

Rivals with BTC City, Dorks Gang

The rivalry first begin when bully Al was trying to beat up Owen, Owen was the winner however and soon Stain returned with information that Gaspar lied to Henry that Bob betrayed him. After a while Bob wanted to finish off Gaspar in school but he was protected by Henry, and Bob so send Stain and Mousey to mock Gaspar and Bathtub to scare Henry. The next day Matthew and Angus were going on a bus, but suprisley when they get on they saw Stain and Mousey on bus, Angus escaped to the fron seat, but Matthew was captured and taken to the back-seat by Stain and Mousey, his face was putted in Stain's balls, and Matthew almost puke. Matthew tell that to his gang and Diablo Nemesis and wasen't harresed any longer.


  • God's mobsters are so far the only gang that are made only of guys and don't have any gurl in it.
  • They are also the only gang who reward failure.
  • The member Jerry Boy once almost betrayed the team, but he rather didn't, as he knew the consequences: Never-ending insults.
  • This gang also has the longest quote.


Pages I really should add, seriously

  • Garfielf (You think you can keep getting away with your crimes, Graffles? Your time on this plane of existeanc is over.)
  • Marmalook (Mardymuck? You stupid mutt! U GOT IN TEH WAY!)
  • Total Drama: The Billion Bucks Manhunt (Will create it after I'm finnished with TD:TBBMT.)
  • Schwibble Glibber-Kind (Globgloglabgalab is full of Schwibble Glibber-Kind, he is The Yeast of THOTS & Mind!)
  • Anarky (Cuneo lawyer).
  • Ganon (Outworld landlord)
  • James Hernandez (Tenpenny's puppet along wish Pulacki.)
  • Stephie (a rather cute lil' socialist gurl)
  • Lucy van Pelt (a bully of Charlie Brown)
  • Gwonam (leader of the Chaos Eighties)
  • Brains Griffen (some liberal white dog, but very arrogant.)
  • King Ramsay (a kink)
  • Kim Jing Wei (y'all c)
  • Paul Barrel (Derek Barrel's son and quite a mortician, he is a pallbearer after all.)

Political Policies

  • Ideology: Centre-Left
  • Economic Policy: Leftist Capitalism
  • Religious Policy: Redwoodism, Satanism
  • War Policy: Pro Military
  • Abortion: Pro
  • Racial equality: Depends, trying my best to be pro
  • LGBT rights: Pro
  • Subsidised healthcare: Anti
  • Gun control: Anti
  • Tax cuts for the wealthy: Pro
  • Protecting the environment: Pro as fah

People who need to go to Avšvič

  • Cummies
  • Socialists
  • Nutzies
  • The Fash
  • Libertarians
  • Liberals
  • DEMS and REPS
  • Cons
  • Neo-cons
  • Pewdiepie fans
  • Weebs
  • Too much into anime fans
  • Otakus
  • Those who think Slavs r subhuman
  • Christians
  • Muslims
  • Judaists
  • Some bronies here and there
  • Meat eaters
  • Hunters
  • Butchers
  • White race shamers/traitors
  • Ppl who don't know their place in life
  • All the cool kids
  • Morgz
  • Fortnite players
  • Minecraft fans who push 'craft down our throats too much
  • Anarchists who disagree
  • LGBT+ haters
  • Misogynists
  • CEO of Racism
  • Tesla
  • Pedopie
  • Post Malone
  • Outcasts who r evil
  • Annoying goths
  • LGBT SJW's
  • Literally all the other kids except me
  • You
  • LaVeyan Satanists
  • Certain vegans whose obligations and dedication to me hasn't been met