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Train Station
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Lance Corporal Donald McDonald
Task Force 141
Suppressed M21 w/heart beat sensor and infrared scope and Suppressed Mk. 23 w/tactical knife
Western Afghanistan
Day 4, 2019
Destroy the Train
Plant C4 on the fuel canisters
Detonate the explosives.
Rescue Vladimir Jackson
Ultranationalists and Chinese Defectives
Multiplayer map
Train Station

Train Station is the tenth level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4


Donald and Captain Price go to Western Afganistan to rescue a captured Governor known as Vladimir Jackson. They first stealthly go into a Train station and the destroy the train in order to prevent it to leave then they plant C4 on Fuel Canisters to cut off any means of transportation and blow them. Then they fight through to Jackson and free him. They then all escape.



(USMC Logo changes to the TF141 logo)

"Sir, Captain Salmon and Gunnery Sergeant Wilkerson have secured the shore of Siberia."
— LCPL McDonald
"That's good news."
— Captain Price

(Pictures of a man is shown.)

"What's this image your sending me?"
— Captain Price
"Price, A Governor of Russia has been captured by the Russians for not playing a part in the war."
— Gen. Rogers
"Sir, I know him. I think I know where he is."
— LCPL McDonald
"Share your information."
— Gen. Rogers
"I can't guarantee it but I'm pretty sure he visits Afghanistan to check on things."
— LCPL McDonald
"Very well, this is a two man job though."
— Gen. Rogers
"Captain Price, you wanna come along."
— LCPL McDonald
"I got nothing else to do, so sure."
— Captain Price
"Sir, permission to go myself with Captain Price."
— LCPL McDonald
"Granted. What about Green."
— Gen. Rogers
"He is with Captain MacTavish."
— LCPL McDonald
"Very well."
— Gen. Rogers


(Level starts off with Price signaling McDonald "okay")

  • Captain Price: It's a go.

(They move up to a jeep.)

  • Captain Price: Two SOBs insight. You take one and I'll take out the other.

(They take them out.)

  • Captain Price: Good.

(They move up to a car.)

  • Captain Price: Guard Patrol. Take them out as they come up here.

(They come up to the car and they take them out.)

  • Captain Price: Beautiful.

(They move up to a barrel.)

  • Captain Price: Three men patrol two infront of the gate and one on the other side. We'll have to take them out together, on your go.

(They take them out.)

  • Captain Price: Perfect.

(They enter the train station.)

  • LCPL McDonald: There is his train. Sir, I could use some C4 to destroy the train.
  • Captain Price: Roger that. Go ahead.

(Yellow flashing C4 indicators show up on the train.) He plants the C4 and runs for cover. He blows it.)

  • LCPL McDonald: WOOOOAH!

(The front of the train blows and the impact of the blast forces the train cars to derail.)

  • Captain Price: Outstanding!

(Soldiers come out and attack.)

  • Captain Price: They know we're here!

(C4 indicators show up on 3 fuel canisters.)

  • LCPL McDonald: Sir, I'm going to plant explosives on the fuel canisters. Can you cover me?
  • Captain Price: Roger that, solid copy.

(He places all explosives on the canisters.)

  • LCPL McDonald: Get some distances.
  • Captain Price: Follow me!

(He blows the charges.)

  • Captain Price: Nice work.

(They start searching for Vladimir. McDonald checks the Inn and Price checks the pub)

  • LCPL McDonald: He is not in the Inn.
  • Captain Price: He's not in the Pub.

(Thumping on the car is heard by McDonald.)

  • LCPL McDonald: He must be in here!

(He opens the door of the train car.)

  • Vladimir: Thank god you arrived. Let's go.

(NPC moment.)

  • Captain Price: Nice work, Donald. I've got you a promotion, for Corporal.

(Level ends.)