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The Colonial Brewery
Colonial Traven
The Godfather Games
Trapani VS Cuneos VS Barzinis
Old Town, France City, France
Bar, brewery
Modes (Console Only; PC can play any map in any mode)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Console Codename (PC)
The Colonial Brewery
Singleplayer Map
In Old Town

The Tattaglia Brewery (formerly named The Colonial Brewery) was a bar and a nightspot in Old Town owned by Samuele Tattaglia's wife Mary Tattaglia. Due to the business' location, it became a target for the Cuneo Family, who set up a weapons racket in the basement, run by Noodles Rizzoni, one of their toughest men.

In the mid stages of The Five Families Mob War, The Brewery was taken over by Charlie Trapani.

In 2013, The Brewery was taken away from the Corleone Family by Fortunato Regime.

Despite the Tattaglia Family and the Fortunatos sharing a rivalry, Paul Fortunato allowed the brewery to be renamed The Tattaglia Brewery respectfully and allowed them to make some money out of it. It eventually became the Tattaglias' biggest source of money thanks to Samuele Gorginni.

While it is still named The Tattaglia Brewery today, the Tattaglias' power over it has long been lost as the Tattaglias have been whittled down to almost nothing as of today, more so by the Fortunatos than any other group.

Known employees

  • Owner: Mary Tattaglia
  • Operator: Mary Tattaglia
  • Manager: Noodles Rizzoni