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Leader(s) Lucif Cristopher
Appears in Manhunt 1
Country Dixmor Asylum, Virginia Hills, Tall Trees, West Virginia, United States of America
Active Unknown-today
Motto "All sins and blasphemes will be forgiven for the sons of men. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never ever be forgiven, as he is guilty of an eternal sin."-Sonny Lowe

"The Legion are mistakes made by the Project. They're completely psychotic, but at least they found God."
— Leonardo Kasper

Not much is known about the Legion except that they are mentally disturbed, religious inmates that spend their time roaming around the Dixmor Asylum and spreading Christianity in Manhunt 1.


As it should be expected, some are heard saying biblical phrases, while others keep asking for their head to be fixed. They appear in the missions "Awakening" and "Release Therapy". Their weapons of choice are the Pistol, the Stingray Pistol, an Assault Rifle, the SMG and Holy Water. They're literally more of a crazy alliance than hunters under the leader, Lucif Cristopher.


After power failure, a riot begins at Dixmor asylum and a battle starts between the Legion, Dixmor Inmates, Dixmor Doctors and nurses. Some of them will try to kill Danny, but all of them will fail as they themselves might be seen getting killed by doctors in numerous halls around in the asylum. Sometimes it's the other way around, however, as the Legion might also get the upper hand.

In Danny's mind, they appear as security guards of Leo Kasper's unlocked cell, and as expected from such a false security, Leo simply opens the door and finds a way to kill the guard without making too many noise. The other members later tried to stop Leo, but Leo manages to get a way to kill all of the hunters by covering in wardrobes and avoiding their bullets. After finally arriving in Danny's room, he kills him in the process, winning the personality-clash war but instead of Daniel's body being lost forever, they both woke up with their memories completely lost, both being given envelopes and some info about them to start a brand new life.

Known members