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The Jocks
The Jocks
Leader(s) Ted Thompson
Appears in Bully
Country Dixmor Academy, Bullworth, Cholla Hills, Texas, United States of America
Type School gang
Active 2003-active, presumably
Motto "Jocks FTW!"-Kirby

The Jocks are one of the five school gangs.


Ted Thompson is the group leader and captain of the Football team, the Bullworth Bullhorns. Damon West is his bodyguard and second-in-command; he has aspirations to lead the gang himself, but only acts like a boss when Ted isn't around. No other Jocks are seen to demonstrate authority at any time. According to the data files Casey is the second-in-command, though. The Jocks are at toughest gang to face in the school.

Gang Description

The Jocks are the physically largest group in the game - Damon West, Juri Karamazov, Casey Harris and Luis Luna are all much bigger than the average student. The gang outfit involves wearing athletic clothes over the standard school slacks, and athletic shoes instead of dress shoes. Jocks who have earned Letterman jackets usually wear those, while those who haven't wear team sweaters or T-shirts. The only female jock, Mandy Wiles, is rarely seen out of her cheerleader's uniform.

Place in school

The Jocks are at the top of the school's pecking order and, according to Gary, run the school. They are the most athletic students at the school and consider the gym and football field as their turf. All the male members are on the school's football team, the Bullworth Bullhorns. They are sworn enemies of the nerds, and attack them on sight, if a nerd is near the gym. They are the only gang with two African-American members, Damon West and Bo Jackson. The Jocks are rarely seen off campus aside from the carnival.