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The End?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Sgt. Michael "Devil" Martin, Cpt. "Soap" MacTavish
Task Force 141
UMP.45 Red dot sight. Glock 18
Site Zulu Golf, Italy
Day 9, 2019
Find Makarov.

Escape from Thunder Company. Kill Makarov.

Thunder Company

The End? is the fourteenth and final level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


After the Battle of Kabul, Thunder Company have taken over Site Zulu Golf, Makarov's last base. They track the base to Italy inside Mount Etna. Price, MacTavish, Devil and Cowboy infiltrate the base with C4 and the cliff explodes. MacTavish and Devil then breach a room with Thunder Company inside. Makarov is then seen tied up in a chair and MacTavish sets him free. However, Makarov shoots Devil and knocks out Soap, then retreats. MacTavish tries to keep Devil alive but he dies. The scene shifts 2 hours later. Price and Cowboy get a Humvee for Soap ready to chase Makarov. The an RPG shoots a bridge, making a ramp. The Humvee drives up the bridge and crashes near a cliff. Soon, Makarov surrounds them. He kills Cowboy like Gaz was killed. Then an SAS Apache helicopter provides support. Price then passes Soap a knife and tells him to kill Makarov. Soap then stabs Makarov in the neck and head multiple times. The SAS get him and Price out of there.