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Underwater Warfare
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
John Palmer aka Vladimir Makarov
Wolf Company, Russian Loyalist
AK47 ACOG scope and Suppressor and Makarov
Cairo, Egypt
Day 2, 2018
Secure the suitcase. Capture the suitcase. Stowaway on the Submarine
Opfor and Egyptian Militia
Multiplayer map
"Parker, what's your status?"
— Salmon

"Private Johnson is dead sir! We're getting heavy suppressing fire."
— Riley

"Roger that."
— Salmon

Salmon and Riley while Salmon is waiting for orders.

This is fourth mission of the game


Captain Salmon is sitting on cliff. Waiting for a radio call. Then he gets the call and moves out. Salmon, Vladimir and Anatoly move down the cliff into a a small town. Salmon use a Silenced and scoped AK47 and shots two Militia while Vladimir kills the Opfor members. Salmon then points out that Anatoly is a Russian traitor as he says that he and Anatoly killed Viktor. Anatoly is left alone with Vladimir and is killed by him after hearing that. Salmon tells Vladimir to get to his location and take is own suitcase. Parker joins them and commandeers a jeep. They make a run to coast to get to the submarine. The jeep crashes and before it ignites they make a run to the submarine. The missions as Salmon says "Mission Success".



"Sir, we got a fix on the hardware. It's in Cairo. And now the news. The good news that this is the only hardware least guarded. The bad news we got a FNG joining us. His name is John Palmer."
— Poach
"Great. A FNG. Well. Poach, you and Johnson go to the South. Me and the FNG will be on the cliffs."
— Jamie


(Salmon is eating a piece of chocolate while on a cliff.)

  • Taylor: Salmon, this is General Max Taylor. I want your team to get a suitcase.
  • Jamie: Affrimative sir.
  • John: When do we...
  • Jamie: Not yet, sergeant.

(Two soldiers walk by.)

  • Jamie: Standby! Parker, what's your status?
  • Poach: Private Johnson is dead sir! We're getting heavy suppressing fire.
  • Jamie: Roger that. Let's do this.

(They climb down the cliff and kill the two soldiers and any other stragglers.)

  • Anatoly: Hey.
  • Jamie: Look, it's the man who killed Vladimir's man Viktor.

(That quot points out Jamie knows.)

  • Anatoly: V...
  • Jamie: Man who killed Viktor

(He leaves them alone. Makarov becomes a 5 second NPC and shoots Anatoly.)

  • John: 30 seconds.
  • Jamie: 30 seconds for what?
  • John: For the watch tower to spot us, as we walk up there.

(They walk towards the town then they are spotted by the guards.)

  • Militia: Intruder!

(They are attacked by Militia.)

  • Jamie: Let's go.

(They fine the case.)

  • Jamie: Palmer get here!
  • John: Yessir.

(John picks up the case. Poach rejoins them.)

  • Poach: Sir, we need to get some transport.
  • Jamie: That jeep, let's go!
  • John: Let's go.

(They get in the jeep. John is driver)

  • Jamie: Drive like you never driven before.

(They driver down and the crashes into a cliff. Then it leaks petrol. They all get out and run to th submarine with the jeep blowing up.)

(End of mission.)

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  • Salmon and Anatoly lie about the murder but Vladimir doesn't know it was one.