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Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Staff Sergeant, Lieutenant Jamie Salmon
51st Battalion
M16, AK47, AK 5 and Makarov
D-Day, 2013
Disarm the nuke
Russian Mafia
Multiplayer map

This is the second level.

"Okay gentleman, we've been told that the Russian Mafia have taken the a bunker in America. The Americans want us to help them to get rid of them but nobody seems to want to help. So I asked if Obama would appreciate us doing the Americans job for them"
— Reeds
"The Lieutenants right gentleman. We have to show these mobsters that they can't mess with our friends on North-east side"
— Salmon

Salmon and Reeds briefing their soldiers.


As 51 enters the bunker they are instantly attacked by mobsters. They all reach further but as they reach their final corner. :(. Reeds is shot in the back after taking a bullet for Salmon. Salmon say. "Reeds, no! You can't leave us! Your the only commander we know we can trust!" Reeds replies. "And you! Those men trust you. Don't let... them down Jamie! You will become my successor! I am promoting you to Lieutenant. Here take my badge...." As Reeds final moment he hands him his Lieutenant badges and gives it to him. Jamie is now in a rambo-like rampage. Blowing up most of the bunker and finally disarming the nuke. He is then captured and held for 6 days.


"That was the last time I saw my best team and Lieutenant. The best commander in world to me. He was like a spiritual brother"
— Salmon



(A four men squad of soldiers are in the Bunker.)

  • Jamie: Let's go. Let's go.

(They kills some mobsters.)

  • John: Let's go

(More mobster try to take them down. They ae all killed.)

  • Australian: They crapping themselves.

(They make it to the stairs.)

  • John: Let's go up that stairway.

(John spots an AK47 barrel near a wall. Invasion Intro)

  • John: Jamie get down!

(John pushes Jamie out of the way. It shoots John in back three times. Jamie takes cover and everyone of his squad members are killed.)

  • John: Salmon, take my badges! You're a fine soldier. Please take my... place... as... Lieutenant... and command...

(John dies.)

  • Salmon: (Grabs his badges.) Sir, yes sir.

(Jamie fights through to the nuke and disarms it and then tries to leave but his captured.)

Mikhail: Mikhail Slaterovich remembr that name.

(End of mission)

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