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Riley Parker
Nickname(s) Poach
Appears in Call of Duty 7: Nuclear War
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Wolf Company
Status KIA
Killed By Viktor
Birth 1980
Death 2018, Nothing is Easy
Weapon SPAS 12 and any weapon at his disposal
"Poach! Get to the Helicopter now!"
— Salmon
"Roger that! Viktor I got it!"
— Poach
— Viktor

He shoots Poach

"That it is for Vladimir!"
— Viktor

Poach falls to the ground lifelessly and Viktor takes the dossier.


Parker was born in Washington, D.C. with a German-American mother and an Liberian-Australian father. Parker has strong German accent and weak American accent. He is also a former child soldier of the Liberian civil war. He was late rescued by Australian government and put in social sevices care. Riley joined 52nd to fight find his father but unfounately he is own fate is terminated. He is was shot in the head by a Desert Eagle wielding Viktor.


  • Like Soap and Roach, Riley as a unique nickname.
  • Parker is the eighth playable character scripted to die and the second to be betrayed.
  • Parker cares deeply about his team but has brother relationship wth Salmon. Salmon screams in agony after he spots his corpse.