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Preps' WWE Gym
Bryce chasin' Jimmi Bryce Cornet chasing Jimmy at the Gym.
Preppies, Bif Taylor VS Jimmy Hopkins, Hopkins VS Chad Morris, Justin Vandervelde and Parker Oglivie
Old Bullworth Vale, Bullworth, Cholla Hills, Texas, United States of America
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Preppies' WWE Club
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In Texas

Preps' WWE Gym is a gym located in Old Bullworth Vale in Bullworth in Bully owned by the Preppies as the name implies.


The Preps seem to have exclusive use of a two-storey boxing gym in Old Bullworth Vale. Despite the club's name, it is actually a boxing club and not a wrestling one. It is possible the Preps only named it that way to sound more attractive, as WWE rules over pretty much everything. On the ground floor is the gym with a ring in the centre of it, surrounded by chairs, benches and boxing bags. The second floor is seemingly serving as a warm up area of sorts or a bar. A wardrobe containing boxing trophies is located near the bar on the second floor as is a blackjack table. Many missions in chapter 2 take place here. It is rumoured the gym is actually owned by Gord Vendome's father.

The many weights on the first floor are used for training by Preppies and possibly even Jimmy Hopkins back when he was buddies with the rich kids.

Hopkins fights many preps at this club, including the bosses Bif Taylor and Derby Harrington.

Known owners

  • Owner: Mr. Vendome (rumoured), possibly actually owned by the Harringtons
  • Residents: Preppies
  • Known people who desire to control it: Townies (possibly)


  • The mission in which Jimmy Hopkins has to take pictures of Townies burning preps' trophies and then show it to the Prep leaders takes place in front of the Gym.