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Power Plant
Modern Warfare 4
Josh Rogers
Wolf Company and SAS
M4 and M9
Southern Afghanistan
Turn off the power.
Kill Sergei Raikov
Russian Mafia
Multiplayer map
Power City

Power Plant is the seventh level of Act II in Modern Warfare 4.

"Sergeant, I need a new clip!"
— Salmon
"Captain, take this one my last one"
— Rogers

Salmon and Rogers while being ambushed by Raikov and his mobsters.


Salmon and Rogers are on their own on a mountain with Soap and Price. Salmon then watches a strange light. They then head out to see what's what. They see the Power Plant. They enter the compound. They are soon spotted by a search light. Then a SAM site fires onto a police helicopter. They are then by command instructed to turn off the power. Soap and Price lead Salmon and Rogers down a stair well while blasting their way through mobsters and Russians.

"Tell me something Soap and John. Why did you two choose to go back to Captain?"
— Salmon
"Well those ranks just didn't feel right."
— Price

Salmon, Soap and Price talking about them reverting to Captain again.

They reach to way stair well and split up. Salmon and Josh walk down to control room. They call command to confirm the control room is the power. As they are confirmed that is the power room. Josh flicks a switch and then the whole Plant blacks out.

"You Australian moron. Now we all can't see"
— Raikov
"I can we got NVGs."
— Rogers

They open fire amongst each other.

"Sergeant, I need a new clip!"
— Salmon
"Captain, take this one my last one"
— Rogers

They eliminate the attackers then the level ends.


  • Even though Roger says he its his last one. He can still get more.