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Planets, sometimes known as Other Worlds is the name given to a world.

The planets were created by the Elder Gods, who split the One Being through the use of the Kamidogus. Despite its separation, the One Being would subtly influence inhabitants of the planets to re-merge them back into its true form.

All of the planets in the Universe concerning Earth are a part of the Multiverse Federation System which is ruled by the Elder Goddess, Cetrion.

When in some of these planets, Raiden's powers weaken.

The following is a section of planets and their rulers.


  • Earth (ruler: Various secret societies, but the Order of the Beast has a central role, everyone fooled that it's a free planet)
  • Outworld (ruler: Shao Kahn)
  • Edenia (ruler: unknown)
  • Orderworld (was merged with the Never Never Land, ruler was Duke Tallen, who is now deceased)
  • Chaosworld (was merged into Orinion, ruler is Azazel)
  • Hell (ruler: Chernobog)
  • Dac (was merged into the Never Land, former ruler was Doren)
  • Heavens (ruler: Cetrion)
  • Zaterra (was merged with Outworld, ruler deceased)
  • Venerus (was merged with Outworld, ruler deceased)
  • Rodia (was presumably merged with Outworld, revealed it was true, former ruler was Apeaclus)
  • Neptune (was merged with Outworld)
  • Uranus (ruler: unknown, probably your anus)
  • Earth-2 (ruler: Emperor Palpatine)
  • Duro (was merged with Orinion, former ruler was Amy Sorel)
  • Boolos (ruler: Queen Almeida)
  • Orinion (ruler: Azazel)
  • Maydaria (was blown up by Outworld, ruler was Master Zelnda)
  • Ochanep (ruler: Olaf Tutchenko)
  • Sota (was merged into Orinion, former ruler was Bith Lard)
  • Lotos Prime (ruler: Alien Queen)
  • Mars (ruler: WOLFHOUND Empire)
  • Redwood Universe (ruler: Damon Redwood) (more of a realm, outside of Milky Way)
  • KGBSpetsnaz Universe (ruler: KGBSpetsnaz) (more of a realm)
  • Neon (ruler: nobody, the planet exploded in 2000)
  • Lanulos (was merged into Orinion)
  • TrES-2b (ruler: none, worthless planet)


  • Earth is the only known planet in the universe not to be ruled by a one-world government... yet. (X-Files theme plays) Or maybe it is, but in secrecy? Who knows?