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Pablo Picasso
Biographical information
Real name Pablo Juarez Picasso
Also known as The Painter, Artist, Dr. Picasso, Gecko, Pablo, Doc, Long-Liver, fat cheeks
Nationality Spanish flag Spanish
Born 1st of September, 1920
Died 11th of September, 2015
Age 95
Status Deceased
Birthplace Granada, Spain, Europe
Physical description
Eye colour Greyish-blue
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Latino-Caucasian
Height 5'7
Weight 92kg
Blood type B-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Marina Family, Vito Corleone (former), Joe Clemenza (former)
Occupation(s) Marinas' personal doctor, drug dealer, Spy
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Mafia II
Voiced by (English) John Mariano
"No, I'm the fawking painter!"
— Pablo when asked if he is indeed a doctor

Pablo Picasso is a minor character in Mafia II. He provides discreet medical services for the Marina Family and their allies and also works as their Spy. He shares his name as a famous Spanish artist and lived four years longer than him.


Picasso studied medicine in London, and originally served as a doctor in the Spanish Embassy. He was transferred in 1945 to the office of the U.S. Ambassador in Empire Bay, New York. The Long-Liver was dismissed from the embassy three years later after an affair with the Ambassador's sister, and went into private practice. After being handsomely, unlike he is, rewarded for saving the lives of a number of gangsters of Marina Family, he began offering his services to the underworld, specifically Marinas and their allies.


He is first seen in the opening scene in the game inspecting immigrants who came from Europe. He is seen again in "The Buzzsaw" when Henry Tomasino is shot in the leg by Sissy Fat, and finally when Joe Clemenza and Vito Corleone were kidnapped by the Vincis during "Stairway to Heaven" (unknown to him they weren't in the Marina mob anymore at the time), during which he mentions how Antonio Balsamo will luckily never walk again, he wasn't a Marina anyway.


One day while on a meeting with some other mobsters in France City, France, assassin Remigio Puricci murdered the corrupted Little Town mayor Simon Bennett, fellow Marina Harold Maibatazzu and Picasso, totally finishing off the Marinas while Giuseppe Travonni assassinated Osvaldo Ramozzi and Semyon-Timur Alekseyevich Krokov two hours earlier. Pablo only had five years left before he would be a hundred years old.


  • His nicknames Gecko and Long-Liver come from the fact he owned many pet geckos and lived to the year of 95 before his assassination in 2015.
  • He actually lives in a mansion in Highbrook, a good payment he got from the Marina Family.
  • A running joke is that no one seems to know the difference between him and the painter of the same name.