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Old Town
The Godfather Games
Corleone family VS Cuneo family
France City, France, Europe
Modes (Console Only; PC can play any map in any mode)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Console Codename (PC)
The Damned City
Singleplayer Map
In France
"I'm afraid the Damned Town cause all buildings there are reddish-brown and the mob that has guns, they like: "Paisan, gimmie money!" When the night comes, they come outside, they might hit you and yell: "Twenty points!". They might rob your ass, they might pop your ass; it all depends on if you are in the mob or nah. I'll be leaving the trainyards, might stop at the ATM. Someone says: "Excuse me sir, but can a cracker spare some change?" And I pretend that I don't hear him, but he says: "Please don't walk away! I need cash to buy some books and pencils!" I run away, and yell: "I don't give a FAWK!" I'm afraid the Damned Town cause all buildings there are reddish-brown and the mob that has guns, they like: "Paisan, gimmie money!" I'm from Lil' Town, there's my home, there's my wife and kid and dog, and I might drive by the Old Town, and wave hi to poor people. I'm afraid to go buy some meat at the Quinn's store, men with real dark suits linger around, and I don't wanna die. I'll stay at home and might rather buy some meat from Brunetti's! And there was a time, no one was scared of that stinkin' place. Back then we'd even go to the Red Fox. But then sometime around late 2015, Fortunato came in, dropped bombs, got scared and built a fence around the town! Oh, no! Someone stole all our stuff! It was probably Fortunato's men and their corrupted police force! Oh, no! Ray has been seen bribed. Right now? I stay outta that town! Tomorrow? I stay outta that town! All my life? I stay outta that place! Railyards leading to the Marseilles? Can't go there. THEY'RE LOCATED IN OLD TOWN!"
— Some of town's history and info being said by a random citizen

Old Town, also known as The Damned City, is a neighbourhood on the lower West Side of France City, which mainly consists of burnt-out tenements and old empty warehouses and factories. It has a high Irish and Italian immigrant population, with the Westies gang holing up in the area until the 2000s, when Phillip Cuneo took it for himself and Cuneo Family. The Cuneo crime family were eventually eliminated in 2011 when the Corleone Family bombed the Cuneo Mansion at the Old Town rail yards and took over all of the businesses from the Cuneos and Straccis. As of recently, Old Town is controlled by the Fortunato Regime, the remains of the once powerful Barzini Family who threw all the Corleones out of The Damned City partially due to their might.

The area is still known for its Irish community, and in 2014, it was known for its poverty-stricken areas that included housing projects and abandoned storehouses. As of now, it has reformed into the poorest neighbourhood of France City, being in complete anarchy and being ruled all over by Fortunatos, as they have bribed the entire police force and the town's Mayor into letting them do whatever the hell they want.

Most, if not all (minus the church) the buildings in Old Town are either coloured yellow, brown or red.

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In the video game

In The Godfather Game, Old Town is the territory of the Cuneo Family. It is one of the toughest areas to take over in the game, with the Cuneos and the Stracci Family owning several businesses here. In 2011, Old Town was conquered by the Corleone Family when the Corleones bombed the Cuneo Mansion after the death of Don Phillip Cuneo.

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