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Biographical information
Real name Ancient Ogre
Also known as Ugly beast, hideous beast, The Beast, Oger, Ancient Diety, Hellspawn, Orinion monster
Nationality Sumerian flag Sumerian
Age Over millenias
Status Unknown
Birthplace Sumerian Empire
Physical description
Eye colour Red
Hair colour None (only white or grey beard)
Ethnicity Black
Height 9'6
Weight 503kg
Blood type Green
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) None
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament (1 and 2), Tekken 5: Devil Within mode, Crossover Mayhem
Voiced by (English) Phil LaMarr
"So, this planet does have some strong warriors after all. Come on, little boy. Die at my hand!"
— Ogre to Jin

The Ancient Ogre is a powerful Sumerian deity, and also a villain from the Tekken series. He is the main antagonist of Tekken 3 and the Devil Within mini-game in Tekken 5. Ogre is the Tekken series' first main villain who is not a member of the Mishima Family. Though his powers are equalised to that of Mishima, and Kazama clans.


Ancient Ogre is every character's final boss in Tekken 3. Once Kotal Kahn is defeated by a player, Ogre will come and he will absorb Kotal's body to evolve much more power. However, not that much that he would deserve to be in the Power Level over 9000!!!! category. Ogre also has most of Kotal's moves and shares the same fighting style with some added moves.

The plot details events that occur during the two month period between Tekken 4 and Tekken 5. After Jin Kazama leaves the Never Never Land after the final battle in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, he hears rumours that there is a way to end the cursed bloodline his descendants (Kazama Family) have received. In order to end it, he first thought he must destroy the Mishima Corporation, because shutting their network down would prevent them to take over the world and as Jin is more of a good angel than a bad one, unlike Kazuya Mishima, he wants the world safe. Jin would also feel bad if the Mishima family's desire to take over the world would come true all because of Kazuya. When Jin travels to the Mishima corp. labs, he finds no trace of any of the family members, but instead discovers that Mishima corp. has either resurrected a portal to Orinion or have found one.

After going trough the portal, he finds himself in the ruins of an ancient temple, and he finds Ogre and battles him once again. Ogre flees to a deeper part of the ruins with Jin in hot pursuit.

In the deeper ruins, Jin encounters a giant contraption that uses a large white orb to attack. After Jin destroys it, it is revealed that he has unwittingly broken the seal containing Ogre.

Jin battles Ancient Ogre once again. Once he is defeated, he escapes the temple before Jin can deliver the final blow and is never seen on Orinion again.

It is still unknown to this day where Ogre is or if he is still alive.

Powers and abilities

Ogre is an extremely powerful fighter, possessing superhuman natural abilities and he mostly utilises moves taken from various other Tekken fighters, though still with a few of his own. Ogre also seems to possess telekinetic powers, which he uses to throw other fighters around. He is also able to breath fire, fly with his wings, and teleport.

Personality and traits

He is an angry howling beast but contains the ability to speak but also gradually roars, he simply seems to just attack and absorb those that come to confront him.


  • Ogre is one of the biggest characters in the Tekken series, other than Kuma, Azazel, Bloody Nancy-MC849J and Panda.
  • Ogre used to have a single viper arm, but had evolved it into a multiple vipers arm.
  • Ogre resembles Onaga in many ways.
  • In Tekken 3, every fight with Ancient Ogre takes place in a black void like area.
  • Both Ogre and Azazel have their own temples on the same planet, which might mean Orinion has more than just one kingdom.