Nacht der Untoten is the story of several survivors in the world's first zombie apocalypse in 2005. It details the stories of Jason Fox, Ethan Hunt, Lance Pikachruin, Dr. Edward Richtofen, "Doctor", Sid, "Engineer", Nikolai Belinski, Takeo, Sara, Dempsy, and an array of other characters.


Nobody knows the reason of how it began. Some say it was caused by a village in Africa, others say a rural town in the US. Nonetheless, it blew to apocalyptic proportions, engulfing the entire world. What was left of the survivors quickly banded together to combat the undead menace. Jason himself was a loner, he normally didn't do things with anyone but his girlfirend Sara. Somehow, in the confusion she was shipped to Berlin with the first outbreak while he wasn't.

Ethan started in Washington, but ended up with Lance in Canada. He saved Lance from a zombie and pushed him off Niagra Falls to save the two of them from zombies. There they met Sid, who had built an automatic turret to combat zombies. After a brief conversation, they travelled to a house in the Midwest, where Jason had met up with Richtofen in an asylum. They too headed towards the house, while Dempsy and Nikolai battled against the zombies.