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Michael Fontaine
Upt t6happystud
Nickname(s) Raptor 01 and Mike
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Rank First Lieutenant, Captain
Affiliations United States Air Force
Status K.I.A
Birth 1993-10-3
Death 2020, Bad Man
Weapon JS-6 (Modified version of the Colt .45 and Berreta M92F), F-22 Raptor with anti satellite missles, M4A1, M9, SCAR-H, Famas SF, M1911, P90, AA-12, and any weapon at his disposal.
"This is Raptor 01, Satellite is down!"
— Fontaine

Lt. Fontaine in the level Shut the Satellite Up.

Michael Fontaine is the character in Call of Duty: Nuclear War, its sequel and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.


Micheal Fontaine is a U.S. air force F-22 Raptor pilot that shoots down Satellite Duke in the mission: Shut the Satellite Up. After Jamie Salmon, and "Soap" Mactavish destroy the surface to air missles, "Soap" calls in Fontaine to shoot down the satellite, before it destroys the land. Fontaine was in AFJROTC high school, he reached flight commander there, and then went to Stetson University. After the university, he joined the air force and became a pilot. When the war started, he was sent to combat as part of the first fighter sqaudron. "Soap", and Jamie called Fontaine, because they needed to destroy Satellite Duke, before attacking the base, or the land will be destroyed. Fontaine flew up to 60,000 feet and fired one of his anti-satellite missles, which destroyed the satellite, and allowed "Soap" and Jamie to assault the base and save the day. Fontaine carries a JS-6 as his sidearm. Michael is promoted to Captain after Dogfight misson. He steals intelligence from the Russians, but ends getting shot by President Igor Krum, disguised as Jamie. His body is later burnt by Ultranationalist with Staff Sergeant Dunn.


  • He is the second playable character to die on Modern Warfare 4. First is Josh Rogers, third is Soap's new guy, fourth Price's new recruit and fifth is Staff Sergent Dunn.
  • Just like James Doyle from Call of Duty: United Offensive, and Call of Duty 3, Mike went from an airman to a special forces operator. He is most likely part of AFSOC.
  • Jamie and Mike become friends quickly, presumely, because of his name. The fact he has a half-brother called Micheal.
  • He is not by any chance related to Harlan Fontaine.