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"Welcome to the M.U.C, the best handpicked group of editors on the planet Earth, or Edenia, Venerus, Pluto, Never Never Land, Mars, Outworld, Orinion, and many more planets, galaxies, universes in multiverse..."

—General Taylor saying Quote of the wiki.

Welcome to the M.U.C. Here you can put your made up characters, games, movies, TV and web shows. Yes your own made up characters, games, movies, TV and web shows. So use that imagination of yours. Create any game, whatever you want, as long as it is clean. We prefer to create Call of Duty, RDR, Godfather And MK series games, sometimes even about Manhunt, but you can create whatever you want! Also, all of Billy Cougar's games and pages take place in the same universe.

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Javier.jpg Javier Escuella is a supporting character and one of the primary enemies featured in Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition, and Red Dead Garlic bread part I American West and part II The Mexican Revolution while he's also a major character in Rootin' Tootin', Cowboy Shootin. He is a former gang member of Douche's gang. Javier is responsible for defending Bill Williamson in Nuevo Paraíso and is noted as one of the few Mexican characters that speaks English with a strong accent. read more

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