This is the second to last mission in Modern Warfare 4. Major MacTavish and Jamie Salmon assault a Russian base somewhere in Canada.


The Russians have taken over the world, and only two S.A.S. troops are left, to kill Russian General Fathead. They enter it, and MacTavish is shot down quickly, by some Intervention or a tooth pick or something along those lines. Salmon hurries into the base and watches Fathead pick up the launcher pad, Salmon waits, and right when the bodyguards security is dropped, Salmon takes the shot, destroying the computer, but ends up while running cornered and captured, and then later whipped by the Russians, while Major MacTavish sees Fathead leaving, but is too cornered, but just in time Price comes in and saves MacTavish and kills everyone, but leaves Fathead, as he is not worth it. However, they only have two hours before another base launches missiles. Qucikly healing MacTavish, he leaves Salmon behind as they take on the secret target.