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Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Just look at those eyes.
Nickname(s) Loco, Sanch, crazy fool, madman
Appears in Red Dead Revolver
Rank Outlaw, killer
Affiliations Pedrosa Gang
Status Deceased
Killed By Red Harlow
Birth Unknown, 1850, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, Central America
Hair Black
Eyes Yellowish-white
Race Hispanic
Death May 10, 1887
Actor ?
"Juan "Loco" Sanchez has been praying on trains ever since he was young back in the 70's. You don't need to know his name to know he's cratzy."
— Sheriff Bartlett on Juan Sanchez

Juan "Loco" Sanchez is a minor villain character in Red Dead Revolver.


Sanchez is a frequent participant in train robberies and bank heists in the territory of Mississippi around Brimstone.


The player does interact with Sanchez only as an enemy in mission "Railroad". He is killed by Red Harlow.