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Yeah, Cage fuaking sux!

Cage's pic in MK: A.

Jhonny in the movie.

Reasons why he sucks as!:

  • - Has an annoying and unfunny attitude while he thinks he's funny.
  • - His design in the 3-D era and current design is terrible.
  • - Married the boring and generic Sonya Blade and gave birth to the worthless Cassie Cage. They are both nuffin than two, walking-talking boob implants.
  • - Is the father of said Cassie Cage.
  • - Lies that he defeated Shinnok on his own while he was only able to beat him thanks to Fujin and Raiden's interference.
  • - Is one of Raven's "chosen warriors".
  • - Worked for Jackson Woltz, a Hollywood paedophile.
  • - Has cheap sunglasses and almost kicked Goro's S.

Most memorable quotes: "You shouldn't be here." "You really are a fallen Elder God." "I make this look easy!" "Kano? Wasn't in that 1." "Put that on ya'... Your... barbie. Shrimp!"

1 and only good thing he did: He made some good movies.

Superior counterpart: James Stalker.