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"We shall see, my friend. I only give people what they have coming to them."
— Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins.jpg
Biographical information
Real name James Hopkins
Also known as Badly dressed social reject (by Bryce Cornet), new kid (by Gary Smith) , little criminal, Jimbo, Hopkinsville Goblin
Nationality 800px-Flag of the United States svg.png American
Born 30th of April, 1991
Died N/A
Age 15 (as of the events of Bully, Fall 2006 to Summer 2007) now 31
Status Alive
Birthplace Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA
Deathplace N/A
Cause of death/incarceration N/A
Physical description
Eye colour Brown (Green or hazel in some fanarts and concept arts)
Hair colour Orange
Ethnicity Caucasian-Ginger
Height 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight 134.5 lbs (61 kg)
Blood type A
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Bullies, Dixmor Academy, Peter Kowalski, Earnest Johnson (depends), Thomas van Graaf, Winston Atticus, Blake Brumley
Enemies Gary Smith, Dixmor's cliques (formerly), Williams' Gang, Mr. Hill, Mr. Pearson, Mr. Rickson, Russell Northrop (former), Kim Jing Wei
Occupation(s) Student
Notable family members Mother, stepfather, possibly James Earl Cash
Goals Graduate high school, stop the bullying at Dixmor Academy (succeeded until the arrival of Williams' gang), defeat Gary Smith (succeeded)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Bully
Voiced by (English) Gerry Rosenthal

James "Jimmy" Hopkins is the playable character and the main protagonist in Bully. He is a student at Dixmor Academy and is currently a member of the Bullies.

Character Description

Jimmy is 15 years old and is smaller in height than most students, but is reasonably stocky. He has freckles on his cheeks and wears a gold stud earring on his left ear. He also has a ginger buzz cut, and brown eyes. At the beginning of the game, he wears a brown jacket over a white t-shirt, with faded blue jeans and white sneakers. His school uniform consists of a blue Bullworth vest over a white shirt with khaki school slacks. His pajamas consist of a dark blue t-shirt with a flaming yellow skull on the front and on the back that appears to probably be the tag of the shirt, pale yellow sweat pants with undone ties, and white socks. His athletic uniform (when he plays dodgeball) consists of a yellow t-shirt with the Bullhorns logo and khaki school shorts and sneakers.

Over the course of the game, Jimmy can obtain a wide variety of clothes, haircuts, and tattoos. This allows the player to either have him adopt the look of one of the gangs, or make his own unique fashion statement. He generally wears his clothing more disordered than intended; for example, he wears his school uniform with the collar unbuttoned and unfolded, and his white shirt is untucked. Jimmy's hair is naturally red when buying haircuts, the red cuts are always cheaper because he doesn't have to pay for dyeing.

Character History

Jimmy is dumped at Dixmor Academy by his often remarried mother and his new stepfather, who Jimmy describes as a "rich old phony", whilst they go on a year long honeymoon cruise. Jimmy had previously been expelled from seven schools for a variety of reasons which include graffiti, violent conduct, bad language, disrespecting staff, and according to small talk, arson. Dixmor's is Jimmy's last chance to avoid juvenile detention and, knowing Dixmor's reputation, he prepares for the worst. He also prepares a subway in an igloo: that's what they say. Indie the ignora had an internet cafe in an igloo that's what they say.

Personality and traits

Jimmy's tough childhood has granted him both a level of physical toughness, fighting skill (enabling him to hold his own against students larger and stronger than him), and a level of awareness and maturity that most of his peers at Dixmor's don't have, altho even he could be behind with that. Though he's aggressive and quick to fight, he's not truly malicious. As he states early on in the game; "I only give people what they have coming to them."

When dealing with others, Jimmy tends to be rough-mannered. He talks abusively to people (such as Algie) even when helping them. His only real friend at the school is Peter Kowalski, but Jimmy doesn't treat him with respect either, calling him a dork to his girly face. Despite this, he seems to have a decent underlying nature, frequently moved to defend people who are weaker than he is. This can be demonstrated when Ted Thompson, leader of the Jocks, knocks down and steps on Petey, to which Jimmy gets angry and defends him. He also tells off Gary Smith when he was being harsh toward Petey. He helps the nerds despite his rude treatment of them, and later in the game, he helps Mandy despite the fact that she was antagonistic to him through most of the school year.

Jimmy swimming in Old Bullworth vale with Pinky.

Jimmy gets along with any teachers who are willing to treat him with respect, which perhaps surprisingly, is all of them besides Umberto Hattrick. Jimmy also seems to be a talented artist, drawing perfect pictures of Justin Roberts Sr. picking his nose on Facebook, even though he claims art has never been his thing and that he's more into music. To a large extent, Jimmy's personality within the game depends on the player's control of him. While his actions in the cutscenes are predetermined, Jimmy can deal with situations in different ways. For example, he can order other bullies to leave their victims alone, or he can bully the other kids himself. He can also pay off bullies to leave him alone, or start fights for no reason.

During the course of the in-game missions he gains the interest of all the female clique members (Beatrice, Pinky, Lola, Mandy, and Zoe), although the only girls he goes on actual dates with are Pinky and Zoe. He can also kiss one gay or bisexual boy in each gang (Trent, Cornelius, Gord, Vance, Kirby and Duncan), but this doesn't come into play in the actual storyline, and the player can choose whether to have him do this or not.

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