"You like that, chucklenuts?!"
— Jason while killing a group of zombies
Jason Fox

Jason Fox is a 29-year old New York City detective in the story called "Nacht der Untoten". In the first two days, he obtained a W1200 Shotgun, Beretta 92FS, an M1897 Trenchgun, an AK-47, and a G43. He traveled to a nearby asylum (not to be confused with the Wittenau Sanatorium in Berlin, Germany) where he met Dr. Edward Richtofen. After escaping the asylum with the Doctor, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and several other guns of the Doctor's creation in tow, he headed to an abandoned home northwest of the asylum, meeting up with Lance Pikachurin, a student from Toronto, Canada, Ethan Hunt, a Washington D.C. marine/detective and Sid, also known as "Engineer", a self-proclaimed inventor from Bee Cave, Texas.

After a night of sleep, the next day began with heavy rains. It then fogged and thunder was heard, along with a distant howl. The Hellhounds made their first apparence on Day 6. After holding off the dogs, a Russian by the name of Nikolai Belinski joined the group, and shortly after him a Marine (who apparently knew Richtofen) by the name of Dempsy arrived as well. Jason was the one to show Dempsy around and also gave the dogs their name, Hellhounds.

After holding out in the house for a while, the team moved to the asylum that Richtofen and Jason once inhabited. After merely a day, they moved out (meeting the mysterious Japanese Takeo) and attempted to find a boat so they could head for Richtofen's lab in Berlin.

Finding a boat, Jason dropped his AK-47 for a rusted Browning M1919 he found in a British hanger used and abandoned after WWII. The group, misfit as it was, travelled to Paris, held out then travelled to the Waffenfabrik der Reise in Berlin after holding in Richtofen's home, where he killed both himself and Dempsy. Reviving a group of people with Lance's antivirus, they sucessfully repopulated the world.

In Verruckt, he fights alongside Ethan again in Washington D.C.