Jason Fox with his girlfriend, Sara Sidle.

Jason Fox is a 23-year-old CIA agent, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his girlfriend, Sara Sidle. He is known to be extremely violent, and as his partner Alex Rider would say, "The words "stealth" and "stealthy" isn't in his dictionary".

He owns a vast collection of weapons, the least of which is a CIA-issued M4 Carbine.

CIA career

Jason began his CIA career in early 2000, where he was recruited for joint CIA/MI6 training. After a short weapons test given by Staff Sgt. Randall, he was put in a room with Alex where they began joint training excercises, the least of which was defending a fake bomb from a wave of heavily armed soldiers. Jason scored high in weapon experience and explosives handling, and is generally given the dirty work of the CIA.


Jason Fox and Sara Sidle talking to Staff Sgt. Randall.