INCOMING! is the last level in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4.

To unlock this mission, you must beat the game on all modes, it features a scene where the Marines fight over Griggs, only or him to be shot and forced to leave.


Soap has lived through the torture, rescued by a rebellion lead by Lt. Foley. However, they are to late for Jamie as he is two hundred miles away. Soap nearly dead gives one last order before fainting, to somehow destroy Russia.

In the late night as Foley announces, Soap will leave for a week or two longer, then no more, an old comrade takes his revenge. This is none other than Lt. Griggs, who has been paralysed for over seven years by a bullet to the neck. With a machine gun, he sneaks into the base and plants charges, and sets them off early, as he is exiting the base, where Jamie was once held, but escapes with minor wounds.

About three hours later, Lt. Foley finds Griggs and takes him back to the base. There the recive a report that not only are three thousand Russians coming for them, Jamie was in that base, he was never moved. Griggs is then discharged from service and is forced to leave.