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Lt. Sonya Blade, an agent human of Earth's Special Forces.

The majority of Wiki's characters belong to the Human race, although some of them possess supernatural abilities, such as the ability to control fire or turn invisible. Most humans originate from the Earth, although they have been known to be found and originate from other planets. Generally, those who come from the other planets are those that possess the most supernatural powers and characteristics. Because they possess a soul, they were the target for Shao Kahn's extermination squad and Shang Tsung's soul devouring. Some humans are responsible for repelling Outworld's forces and saving Earth's existence.

Liu Kang, the native human of Earth.

Several factions exist within the human race, some of which have actually turned against Earth and formed alliances with those from Outworld. The Lin Kuei Clan are the most recognised faction within the human race in Mortal Kombat, although they themselves possess superhuman qualities. The Outer World Investigation Agency actually formed from normal humans in an attempt to repel Shao Kahn from the Earth after he invaded and killed many people. The main criminal factions are the Red Dragon Clan (currently led by Daegon) and a renegade splinter group, the Black Dragon Clan (formerly led by Kabal and now led by Kano).

Many humans have been killed during the Mortal Kombat Tournament, most notably Liu Kang, Johnny Cage (since retconned) and Hsu Hao. Some of their souls have fallen into the hands of Shang Tsung and his soulnado, while others were able to regain their soul and live once again.

Humans and the gangs made of humans appear on every single game/movie on the Wiki and possibly every game ever made.

Notable Humans in MK