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Hosea Matthews
Ho Matthews
Nickname(s) Ho, Hoe, Matthews, old man, cowboy, Dutch's BFF
Appears in Red Dead Redemption 2
Rank Criminal, co-founder of Dutch's gang
Affiliations Dutch's Gang, Dutch van der Linde
Status Deceased
Killed By Larry Milton
Birth Unknown, 26th of November, 1826, United States of America
Sex Male
Death Killed by Agent Milton and the Pinkertons during a bank robbery in Saint Dennis
Voice Actor Curzon Dobell
"Good old Dutch; my best friend. You know how we met? A pair of hucksters trying to rob one another, back in '71 or thereabouts."
— Hosea on how he met Dutch

Hosea Matthews is a character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Hosea is an outlaw, best friend of Dutch van der Linde, and member of his gang. He met Dutch some time around 1871, when the two men tried to rob one another. However they didn't rob each other after cracking some jokes, instead they became fast and best friends and decided to rob a bank.

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