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Francis Albert Moon
Francis at blackjack
Nickname(s) Doctor, Dr., Herbert's brother, Frankie
Appears in Red Dead Redemption part I, American West
Rank Doctor, gambler, general practitioner
Affiliations Tim's Town, his customers
Status Deceased
Killed By Old age
Birth 10th of January, 1830, Lafayette, New Louisiana, USA
Death 22nd of December, 1912
Voice Actor ?
"I got a railroad in my head, choo-choo."
— Francis Moon when drunk

Francis Albert Moon is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption part I, American West.


Moon is the general practitioner in Tim's Town and can be found at the doctor's office on the second floor above the tailor.

According to gossip overheard at the Pacific Union Camp, Dr. Moon appears to be a serial killer and rapist, however, very little people believe these false claims.


Other than being able to purchase his medicines from the doctor's office, Moon can routinely be found at the blackjack table in the Tim's Town Saloon or just loitering around it and drinking.