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Fleet Marshall

WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces

Lower Rank

Director General, Commissioner, Executive Air Chief Marshall, General of the Marine Corps, and Director Admiral (Armed Forces)


Supreme Order in WOLFHOUND Council, Supreme Order in WOLFHOUND and Supreme Commander of all divisions (formerly)
Co-Head of State

Known Fleet Marshalls

Derrick Rangers


Fleet Marshall (abbreviated as FM) represented by the Coat of Arms on the shoulder. Fleet Marshall is both a Military and Political Rank in the WOLFHOUND Empire as the holder of the title is the Co-Head of State, and Supreme Commander of WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces. Nothing can happen without a Fleet Marshall's order, and the title unlike Emperor is hereditary. A Fleet Marshall is commonly as Lord or Lady depending on gender.

In most recorded history; a Fleet Marshall offspring have died before taking officer forcing the Emperor's children to ascend to the respective roles. Only to houses have been known to take the role as Fleet Marshall which is the Lord House, and Rangers House. The Lord House is the only family that were Pure-Blooded Humans during their reign, and were succeeded by the Rangers House after the WOLFHOUND Power War.