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Leader(s) Dishk Lenka Karnissa
Appears in WOLFHOUND
Country Andromeda Galaxy, and other Galaxies
Type Government
Active 700'000 BCE-present

The "Extoress Dishka o teh Extolactic Narmour" simply known as just "The Collective" ("Teh Wierd" in the Collective's dialect) and often incorrectly referred to as EDEN is a union of the Andromeda Galaxy, and 10 other galaxies. They have bases in all 12 galaxies, and so far only the Milky Way hasn't claimed allegiance.


The rough translation of for Extoress Dishka o teh Extolactic Narmour is Extraterrestrial Dictators of the Extragalactic Nations.


The Collective's High Council act as messengers, and point men of the Dishka. No one, but the appointed High Council members can approach the Dishka, and they have the authority to name someone Dor of a System.


The Collective doesn't have their own military power instead they rely on other members to have their own military units, and are often the ones to make choices for the military. Only System Dors can form a military, and they alone can lead the entire military no secondary commanders of the entire military can be appointed.

Known Military formations


Members of the Collective mainly speak in a dialect created from all known Svanist main languages and is widely spoken by all species capable of speech.



The Svanists are hot-blooded Thermivores that live on a planet based in the Milky Way Galaxy called Svan. Unlike the other species of The Collective; a Svanist's vocal cord s are in his/her/its brain and as such they communicate using their brain in place of a mouth. They have two pincers in the place of a mouth and use it absorb heat out of objects. They have 6 digits instead of five on their hands and four digits on their feet. Their sixth figure is used to fertilise a Female Svanist by a Genderless and Male. Genderless Svanists can also breed asexually. A Svanist strangely shares 98.8 % of their dna with Bananas despite it being a human-based food, and are capable of breeding with multiple species of Earth.

EDEN Dictionary

Plurals, and Translated languages

  • -a: While humans use the letter s for plurals, members of EDEN used the letter a
  • Exto: Extra
  • Fasr: Pastor
  • Dor: Lord
  • Ert: Earth
  • Ertan: Earthman
  • Dishk: Dictator
  • Frect: Prefect
  • Chentor: Centurion
  • O: Of, or Or
  • Teh: The
  • Missan: Mission
  • Tovak: Tower
  • Ferect: Perfect
  • Exfan: Explain
  • Sufr: Super
  • War: War
  • Svan: Savannah