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Bernie Eunich
Nickname(s) Bern, Eun, fat wrestler guy, El Ocho look alike, fatty
Appears in Scarface: Twiy
Rank None
Affiliations Trailer Park rednecks, Johnny Barnes
Status Deceased
Killed By Ronnie Ligi
Birth 12th of May, 1984, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Death 18th of May 2014, South Town, Miami, Florida, US
Voice Actor ?

Bernie Eunich was an American meth dealer from Trailer Park, Miami, Florida who was a member of the Trailer Park rednecks.


Eunich made his money by selling methamphetamine to the other gangs in Miami, and owned a red Mystery Machine van. In 2014, rival gang leader Ronnie Ligi hijacked his van and gunned him down in South Town with a Carbine Assault Rifle when he saw Eunich draw out his pistol.


  • Eunich shares the same character model/outfit as El Ocho, hence his nickname El Ocho look alike.