ESCAPE! is the second to last mission in Modern Warfare 4. Soap wakes up, in a prison, as he realizes he was being experimented on by the Russians. He hears Jamie Salmon screaming, as the Russians are torturing him.


Soap, finds his .45 pistol and shoots the guard outside of his cell. He then reaches through and pulls the guards M16 through the bars. He smashes the bars with the gun, also destroying it in the process. He runs into Salmon's room, to see him being pushed down, and kicked in the face. Quickly a guard shoots Soap in the leg, knocking him again unconcious as they tie up Salmon.

Soap is then, three hours later, shown on American channels. He is then bashed in the face with a gun, and is forced to watch as nuclear missiles, tear it apart, destroying North America and killing thousands of millions of people, soon later Russian troops invade what is left, finding that the country has been destroyed and nuclear fallout is everywhere.

Meanwhile, Salmon is pushed to his limit, and kills his captor, and finds a spare radio. He sends ten signals, to the ten American Islands, and one is picked up, a group of survivors were prepared for this all there life. That area is known as in present time, California.

Soap, is then shot in the stomach, and left for dead, Salmon is recaptured and shot in the neck.


  • Instead of being playable level, many players consider this to be a video.