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Dr. Whyte
Laura Whyte
Biographical information
Real name Laura Ingrid Regina Whyte
Also known as Whyte, Lora Whyte, Dr. Whyte, White, miss, ma'am, Laura, madam, Lorna White
Nationality This is Sparta American
Age 45
Status Alive
Birthplace Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Grey
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'6
Weight 49kg
Blood type B+
Gender Female
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Dixmor Project, Dr. Pickman, Maxwell Dixmor, Michael Grant, Dixmor Doctors (all former), Daniel Lamb
Occupation(s) Dixmor medical practitioner (formerly), now unknown
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Manhunt 2
Voiced by (English) Linda Orth Pallavicini
"You can talk to Leo anytime you want, Danny...."
— White to Daniel

Dr. Laura Whyte was a high-ranking medical practitioner within the Dixmor Project and a friend of Danny. She often disagreed with Pickman's methods, including hiring mercenaries to kill Danny and Leo. She believes that Danny should be captured alive and cured of Leo with the removal of the Pickman Bridge. At the very beginning, she can be seen treating Danny, but Daniel goes out of control and strangles Dr. Whyte to unconsciousness, despite Whyte's verbal attempts to stop him. At the end of the game she instructs Daniel to go into his mind and defeat Leo. Her weapon of choice is a needle. She doesn't work with the Project anymore today, and it is unknown where she currently works at, but it is known she is still alive.


"This is what we call a dissociative personality disorder, Danny must defeat Leo or else Leo will forever rule Danny's body."
— Whyte
"You can wake up now, Daniel..."
— Whyte to Daniel
"This is where it all began, at the Gold Town cemetery."
— Whyte
"But we agreed to use the control personality, not Leo, Leo was a killer."
— Whyte to Pickman
"Dixmor studies, we are resuming with session patient 4-26 named Leo Kasper, test case 412567. Leo, Leo can you hear me?"
— Whyte to Leo in a session
"Dixmor studies, we are resuming with session patient, session 5-26 named Daniel Lamb, test case 412566. Danny, can you hear me?"
— Whyte to Danny in a session
"Dixmor studies, we are resuming with session patient 6-26 named Americus Spinney, test case 412565. Americus, are you here?"
— Whyte in Spinney session
"Leo, why did you kill-"
— Whyte to Leo
"Danny! Stop! Danny...."
— Whyte while chocked
"Dixmor studies, we are resuming with session patient 7-26 named Marlon Caine, test case 412568. Marlon, are you there?"
— Whyte in Caine session
"Whyte: This is interview tape 1. Patient is Giuseppe Travonni; He has many personality disorders, that are forcing him to eat people's corpses after killing them. He also has a syndrome, when he passes out, he's in comatose condition... Hello Giuseppe, how are you today? Travonni: Not much, I'm getting used to make it here. Whyte: Why you killing people and eating their flesh? Travonni: Because I can turn into a bear then. Whyte: That's very strange. Let's see the ink blots. What do you see? Travonni: Let me see - The first one resembles to me an elephant and clown robbing a bank. Second one is a group of teenage students, lost in mountains and all survived in light of dawn. Whyte: Well, you have a straight-jacket under your suit and everyone thinks you're blind because crows ripped your eyes off. Travonni: Let them consider that, but my eyes are always with me. Do you want to see? (Travonni shows his eyes to Whyte) Whyte: Ewww! That's disgusting! Guards!"
— Travonni's 1st interview tape
"Whyte: Interview tape number 1, we have a patient named James Stalker; He rapes girls and he killed a lot of people in snuff films. He has no personality disorders or anything like that at all, he just likes to torture people. He is a very creepy perv... Hey Stalker, sup? And how are we today? Stalker: Bad. This place stinks and there's nothing interesting for me to film. It sucks. Whyte: You enjoy making movies, right, Stalker? Stalker: Yes... filming snuff is awesome! Love the blood and gore. Whyte: Why is that, James? Stalker: It's rather embarrassing, I have a... dirty fetish. Whyte: Oh...? No wonder you ended up here then. Stalker: Yeah, but I'll make it. Whyte: I hope you will. James, is there anything else you would like to tell us? Stalker: Not much else. Just wanna be free and film stuff. Whyte: I doubt it will happen. Anyway turn of the cameras, turn off the tape. Interview is over."
— Stalker's 1st interview tape