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Dixmor Doctors
Tom doc
Leader(s) Dr. Whyte
Appears in Manhunt
Country Dixmor Asylum, West Virginia, United States of America
Active Alive
Motto "Stop talkin', get stalkin'." - Barney Rustens

"It's time for your therapy, bish!"
Thomas Limpon

The Dixmor Orderlies/Doctors are an alliance that appear in Manhunt.

The Dixmor Doctors and Nurses oversee the patients of Dixmor Asylum, of which includes Danny. Their intentions are truly twisted, they do their job mainly for the money, and are usually seen assaulting and taunting the escaped patients with nightsticks. The first person Danny must kill is a doc. They don't appear to be very skilled in hunting or hand-to-hand combat. Overall, they couldn't care less about the patients or what happens to them. They only appear in mission "Awakening". Their weapons of choice are the nightstick and syringe.

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