"Shooting me won't do anything. I'll cutted off my arm, I'll ripped off my legs, just like I tored out my eye."
Gold Eagle

Death of Gold is the fourth level in Modern Warfare 4.

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Tie the Ends
Death of Gold
Modern Warfare 4
Colt .45 M1911
Southern Afghanistan
Rescue Price

Kill Gold Eagle

Shadow Company
Multiplayer map
Truck Field


Not long ago Price was captured by Shadow Company. Salmon and Gaz are fighting, as they go through several streets.

Soap drives through the streets in a jeep, giving chase to Gold Eagle and his group of elite fighters.

Finally, Salmon manages a hit on the driver of Eagle's jeep and they all tumble down a cliff.

They all hit the bottom hard, and Gaz's body has been knocked unconcious, while Salmon is the only one awake. He quickly gets Mactavish to wake up and they both go over to Godl Eagle, finding out that he is General Shepherd, from a while back.

Quickly shooting his body guards to death, Mactavish ties down Shepherd to an enjected jeep seat, and tears off a piece of leather, to torture the one who killed his comrade.

MacTavish remembers that day, as when he finally stops torturing Shepherd, he falls into a deep coma.