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Biographical information
Real name Adrian-Todd LaRusso
Also known as The Luna Devil, uglyman, Freakshow, Shinnok's successor, King of Never Never Land, Adolf Ackermann's former slave, Circus Demon, Shinnok's right-hand, Evil Personified, Dark Lord, tuxedo-wearing pink Demon, Lord Darkness, Granny's descendant
Nationality This is Sparta.jpg American
Age Old af
Status Undead/alive
Physical description
Eye colour Black
Hair colour None
Ethnicity Pink
Height 5'11” (180.3 cm)
Weight 78kg (172 lbs)
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) 3rd Street Saints (former), Dixmor Project, Shinnok, Adolf Ackermann (former), Lucius Wagner, Quan Chi, Clurkicus Family, Hell's Army, Brotherhood of Shadow, Reiko, Flaky, revenant Kung Lao, Queen Almeida, Seidan Rebels (former), Darrius (former), Amdusias, Christian, Edge, James Gabriel
Enemies Raven, Elder Gods, Forces of Light, Fujin, Steven, Richard Hughes, Johnny Gat, The Protagonist, Special Forces, Johnny Cage, Jax Briggs, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Dairou, Duke Tallen, Seidan Guardsmen, Count Orlok
Occupation(s) Project's idol, ex-ruler of Hell, serial killer, former slave, former boss and lawyer, military commander, Shinnok's adviser
Notable family members Jerome LaRusso (great-grand uncle), Granny (possible great grandmother), Slendrina (alleged mother), Slender Man (grandfather), Count Orlok (ancestor)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Saints Row (all series), Mortal Kombat X (cameo), Mortal Kombat 12 (cameo), SVR 2011 and future series
Created by Shinnok
Voiced by (English) Gavin Hammon, Aurelio Voltaire
"He's crueller than our Lord and Savior: Lucifer himself!"
— Ivan about Clurkicus

Clurkicus was an advocate of Hell and the former boss of lastly defunct Clurkicus Family, former lawyer for 3rd Street Saints, and true main antagonist in Saints Row franchise. He worked as the Emperor Adolf Ackermann's right-hand before betraying him while he is also a mentor to Lucius Wagner. He was also the leader of Hell's Army before Shinnok's resurrection. He was recently killed by Count Orlok in WWE so Orlok could take over his Empire.


It is known that Lord Shinnok created Clurkicus' sometime after his banishment from Heavens. His real name is Adrian-Todd LaRusso. Clurkicus' face looked like a walking freakshow, because Shinnok decided he will give him that kind of face until he decided to undergo plastic surgery. He has no hair, just pink skin, but he has full black eyes, no pupils at all (although he has normal eyes, red skin and hair in fan art). Clurkicus is known for his cruel nature and big splashes of anger in a bad time. He is also a rare gun collector. He collects the rarest weapons from the Never Never Land and Earth, and can also be seen selling them to the Dixmor Project. He is known as a skilled master planner, master of illusions and he's also a manipulative trickster and a blackmailer.

Criminal career

He started out as a gang leader in Finckelville, Ohio, on Earth where he created his own mob called the Clurkicus Family, but his mob, unlike most other mobs, never had a place in the Commission. As of 2015 onward, his mob has been whittled down to nothing and is lastly defunct.


Between 2012 and 2013, Adrian-Todd killed at least ten people in the Wichita, Kansas area. Because of his ugly face he was known as the "Freakshow". Clurkicus also sent notes to local authorities and media outlets describing the killing process, taunting them for not catching him. It was these letters that lead to his eventual death in 2015. After Clurkicus kidnapped his victims he would bind them and strangle them until they passed out. Then he'd let them wake up and do it again, repeating the near-death experience and getting sexual gratification from it all the while masturbating. He would eventually strangle the victims to death and spit into an article of their clothing.

Clurkicus was caught because the police were able to extract a deleted file from a floppy disk the killer had sent to them. On the disk was information about Clurkicus' church, an organisation of which he was the leader and a Shinnoknist. It was DNA evidence that eventually busted Clurkicus, and he later confessed to the crimes. He was convicted of 10 counts of murder in 2014.

Events of Saints Row series

Clurkicus all time was standing next to the original leader of 3rd Street Saints, Julius Little and leader of Vice Kings, Benjamin King, when they were still friends and back on Earth even before his death in 2015. Clurkicus was a traitor, as he betrayed The Protagonist, and controlled three other traitors: Julius, Troy and Dex. He made a phone call to Ultor Corp. manager, now chairman, Dane Vogel to offer Dex a job at Ultor's. In 2014, Clurkicus planned to destroy his most bitter enemies that wronged him somehow: Richard Huges, his bodyguards and the Protagonist. His plan was put into action when he decided he will plant a detonator bomb in one of the yachts the Protagonist, Hughes and police department use. Later that night, he watched as the Protagonist and his comrades along with Hughes and some Mishima Corporation security guards went onto the boat and waited for the right time to press the button to make the big blast. Despite the police went onto the boat with the Protagonist, they were not his primary enemies. When his enemies were on the boat, Clurkicus saw that Troy, who was a cop, get on the boat too, but killed him anyway by pressing the detonator's button and set off the bomb. It exploded loudly, sending the Protagonist into a coma, and killed Stillwater's former mayor, later Mishima spy, Richard Hughes and his bodyguards once and for all.

Demise and resurrection

Clurkicus finally met his demise, as getting his head cut off on March 12th, 2015, in jail by Johnny Gat, his most strongest enemy. But a mysterious man resurrected him, and now Clurkicus quivers the thirst for vengeance for years now. It is also known that he rules the Never Never Land along with Adolf Ackermann.

Service in the War on Seido

After the War on Seido began in 2018, Clurkicus eagerly signed up for the Hell's Army to serve as the commanding officer in the 16th Oni Reserve Infantry Regiment.

He has completed all of his objectives and the Orderworld was conquered by the Never Land not so long ago after losing their last two Mortal Kombat Tournaments.

He was the leading force behind the Conquering of Seido, the first planet Clurkicus took over and merged into his own.

Shinnok was very proud of him for both: taking over the Planet of Order and for stabbing Adolf Ackermann in the back, a mortal human weakling, undeserving of sitting on the throne of Hell.

Singing Evil songs

"My mother while on her deathbed she turned and said to me: "Son, why must you view life so morbidly? I know you're a creation of the Dark Lord and I tried so hard to teach you right but somewhere I went wrong cause you would keep to sing those death, death, devil, devil, evil, evil songs." When six pallbearers plus the undertaker Tito Bonasera put her down and laid her body in the ground, my eyes were wet, my ugly pink face was very sad and long, Tito said: "Sir, you demonic being, here you are; won't you please take this guitar? Sing dear departed Miss Slendrina one last song?" And I sang death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs! Hell, you know that's how I get along! The world is full of tragedy so how can it be wrong? Singing death, death, death, death, Devil, Devil, evil, evil songs!? Well, I met this kid once, named Constantinos Brakus or something and he was shopping at Hot Topic: and as he was walking out the door, two dumb jocks, I forgot their names, came up to him, they said: "Hey homo, it ain't Halloween!" And they kicked his makeup lipstick to the floor. I cheered him up and sang death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs! Hell, y'know that's how I get along! The world is full of idiots so how can it be wrong? Singing death, death, death, death, devil, devil, evil, evil songs! Well, I met this kid named Arthur Pence who went down to church on Sunday & he sat up front in a pew, the priest said to 'im: "Sweet Jesus and Mary too! Son, what the devil's got into you??? Get up and sing a hymn or two!" Before the kid could even open his mouth, I barged in and I sang death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs! Hell, you know that's how I get along. The world's full of hypocrisy, so how can it be wrong? Singing death, death, death, death, devil, Devil, evil, evil songs. Strangely, but somehow I was invited to the White House. The president Frank Kenson pulled me aside, he said "Devil, sing us a song of peace for those evil-doers in Northern Outworld plus the Middle East." I rolled my eyes and kicked this rhyme: Death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs! Hell, you know that's how I get along. The world is full of Barzinis, so how can it be wrong? Singing death, death, death, death, devil, devil, evil, evil songs. Well then my walking on Earth came to an end and I was teleported back to Hell, I could tell right away by the awful smell that we have yet to own the pearly gates... My Lord, Shinnok, said: "Come here, my creation, I know you and Chi are my biggest fans!" So naturally I felt I had it made, but knowing my master was pure evil and that my task on Earth had failed, he reached into an iron chest and picked the tool that he felt was best... and then he jabbed me in the schlong! With a pitchfork that had sharpened prongs! He turned to me and winked and sang this song: "Death, death, Devil, Devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs! Yeah, I know that's how you got along! I find your song hilarious, but you failed to kill the Pope and now your soul's precarious! Singing your death, death, death, death, Devil, devil, evil, evil songs! Haha, sike! I'm just kidding, my student, welcome back to Hell, enjoy the buffet! You can always find refuge here." Death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, EVIL songs!!! Hell is our home and this is where we all get along! Everyone 'round here is a sinner, so how can it be wrong? Singing death, death, death, death, Devil, Devil, evil, evil songs! I'll get Francis one day, btw, I promise."
— Clurkicus tells us something quite fascinating, what happened when he went to Earth for a day and when he came back to the Never Land


During one of Count Orlok's conquerings of Hell with his own men, vampiric warriors, Clurkicus stood in his way and said he needs to get through him first if he wishes to rule his kingdom and lead Hell's Army. Orlok agreed and it wasn't a problem at all for his Vampiric ancestor as Orlok simply threw Clurkicus into the New Hades where the pink demonio is burning ever since and probably forever will!


"UUGHHHH!!! Controlling me with a fairytale? Vast thousands of misleading translations. Confusing the minds of the weak? BUT NOT ME! False wretched kings aside! You are NOTHING! (NOTHING!) Upon the cross hangs your eternal life! In the name of blasphemy you're nothing, uh!"
— Clurkicus using his Satanic insult
"Suffering upon the cross of surgery! Red drift from the eyes! So dark the panic! So rotting in demise! Inhale your own impending death! Breathing disgorge, maggots crawl in your last breath! Murkoff: Hey... Some talk... Yeah some talk... They killed and fed on everybody. Everybody! Every single person that you or I has ever know, is DEAD! (DEAD! DEAD! Dead!...) Decreased brain function... ignore their basic survival instincts... social devolution appears complete. Typical human behaviour... is now entirely absent... Not in time? Not in time. There is no God. (There is no God, there is no God, there is no God, there is no God.)"
— Clurkicus and Murkoff Dixmor
"Our diabolical anthem so foul in their ears! Gospel of dissonance! Pernicious Metropolis! Bewildered apostles beseeching for repent. Desert fathers agonised in throes of leprosy! Shinnok: Chanting the name of the accuser. Unrevealed is the face of a dog. Nocturnal is the lapse of the Earth. Empire of the cross defeated before birth!"
— Clurkicus and Shinnok on christianity
"Surgical carnage: chunks of your own flesh are forced into your mouth! >:) Removing the face. Wretched human mirror, incarnation of disgrace. Ice cold eyes, long since emptied of hope and faith. Staring dead into the void! Internal ultra-violence! Body and mind destroyed!!!"
— Clurkicus talking about nasty cannibalism stuff
"Thieving throughout the ages of man. Has come to claim eternal prize! Ugh, Anti-Christ of flesh and blood!"
— Clurkicus
— Clurkicus on Shinnok
"Raiden will pay! Oh yes, how much he will pay! We will wrest our Dark Lord's amulet back from him which he stole! But at last... he has finally realised the truth! THE TRUTH! HE DENIES IT YET HE KNOWS IT! The Elder Gods are nothing! He knows this but is too much of a coward to admit it! His Earth will soon belong to us... Such luck that Queen Almeida came to our aid when she did - she choose wisely... Raven was only able to defeat our Lord because of luck! PURE LUCK! He won because he still had the Gods' influence around him ever since he imprisoned Shao Kahn! Next time he won't be so lucky... And sure... sure, he might have beaten Dark Kahn, but... BUT HE NEEDED THE HELP OF THAT PESKY SUPREMAN! More like Sperman, am I right?! And even if he wouldn't, Dark Kahn was nothing but a ripoff and an ugly sprite of that peasant ruler Shao Kahn! Shinnok would have crushed him easily! When we get back Shinnok's Amulet from that peon, Raiden, we will rule the entire darn Multiverse Federation as well when we take over the Earth. One Being will be reborn and then we will finally be rid even of the Gods themselves! He will devour them one by one! Just like how we will slaughter all of the Earthlings who oppose Hell's rule down one by one! Piece by piece! WE WILL PLUCK THEIR EYES OUT AND RIP THEIR TONGUES!!! ALL OF 'EM! HUMANITY MUST BE EXTINCT! Oh, I can't wait! The thought of that stuff is extremely dope, if it's coming soon? I can only hope! However, we are not complete human haters so we believe some other species of the world need some of our hatred as well. It's called equality. All those who oppose us, regardless of what specie, be it Tarkatan, Outworlder, Chaosworlder, Seidan, will be annihilated! BRUTALLY! WE WILL DROP ROCKETS AND BOMBS DOWN ON THEIR STINKIN' HOUSES AND PLANETS FROM NINE TO FIVE AND FIVE TO NINE TO MAKE SURE NO ONE'S LEFT ALIVE!!!!! But yeah, our main hatred is against humanity. However, we are also merciful creatures, and those who willingly choose to serve us will be spared! Rewarded, even. Reiko was a soldier of Shao Kahn, but his true devotion was to Shinnok. I sensed it! The same goes for the Rodian, Greedo. We will resurrect Reiko and just like he led Kahn's Army as its General, he will lead the Army of Darkness. And, of course, the most important servant of them all, Quan Chi, will be brought back to the mortal world to serve! Those loyal to us will be brought back to life and will be free to serve us all once more! Hell's demons alone have this power of resurrection!"
— Clurkicus' speech to the Brotherhood of Shadow and other demons of Hell
"Orderworld's fate is sealed, Flaky!"
— Clurkicus to Flaky after taking over Seido
"The wretched Gods had lied to the denizens of the planets... They are not singular beings but merely consciousness of the one and only: One Being. Thankfully, they are dead now and our Lord's sister, Cetrion, sits upon the throne of the Multiverse Federation."
— Clurkicus
"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! OUR DARK LORD HAS RETURNED!!!! YUSS!!!!! This pathetic Universe will end under our wrath thanks to Cetrion's powers! With most of the Forces of Light dead, 'specially Raiden and Fujin, we will END IT ALL! However, there is still this son of Argus there, Steven, planning our downfall, but that fool won't live long enough to see it. The Universe is ours. It is destined to be ruled by the Never Land, which might as well become Always Land. I still lurk over this planet as the supreme leader and master when Shinnok is absent. Do NOT FORGET THAT. People's suffering is my ecstasy. All who ally themselves with Steven or anyone from the light side will burn in the eternal flames of SUFFERING! Do these Seidans who are still lingering around here think they can escape me? Tiny, silly insignificant fools! I'VE COME FOR YOUR SOULS!!!! It's too late to try to stop what has been foretold for aeons long past! Just ask friggen' Queen Almeida. Everything you cared about, all of your "perfect Order", all of that fascist filth you have been feed with for the last millions of years, all of that which you know has changed. Has changed fo' teh betta'!!! The evil and dark thoughts of living under that peasant Duke Tallen's rule are now gone... But as always, those who do not recognise our rule and do not want to assimilate into our planet, your worst nightmares are now reality! This is your nightmare for us to control! I know you can feel me here, so no, I will not come. I'm sitting right besides you, everything is okay... Everything is okay..."
— Clurkicus' speech after Shinnok's return, Cetrion's rule over the Multiverse Federation and sometime after the Conquering of Seido
"I need to get me a new suit. A tuxedo that would fit my golden rings."
— Clurkicus on his clothes
"People see our Lord just as a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, know-it-all, nightmarish, demented, clowny monster... SUCH DISRESPECT! And by people, I mean all types of people, even some from our planet. Oh, these fellas will be my latest victims, or just our little toys, and Chamber of Dismembering is our favourite chaotic, nightmarish world where our victims are trapped. Mine, at least. It is the place where the now-immortal Dairou is suffering as our master suffered at the hands of Raven. Oh, yes, Dairou! You made a big mistake resisting OUR POWER! Over aeons to come, many more people WILL fall victim to me, TO US! Kind of like what Jabba the Hutt would say, only memories of the victims will forever sink into our fiery planet."
— Some more great words from the Circus Demon

Personality and traits

"Clurkicus is evil personified. He's probably even more evil than his freaking creator! He is literally the darkest soul in all of the Reality. He plans on ruling the Multiverse Federation. To him, all that is good and innocent must be destroyed! IT MUST! That is his will, his desire. Resistance is unknown to him. You either serve him or you're tortured forever! Literally."
Shujinko explaining Clurkicus

Adrian could very well be evil incarnate; he embodies the very essence of a Satanic Overlord. He has ruled the Never Never Land along with Adolf Ackermann until he betrayed him and seized power only for himself as he claimed Adolf was only using him to merely be a general in one of Never Land's armies, something Circus Demon found embarrassing. However, he also betrayed Ackermann for "fun" and because he was a human piece of garbage. He claims that only him and Shinnok are worthy of ruling Hell. He also does not take kindly to disobedience, as expected. He views the very concept of peace, love and kindness as ridiculous and laughs at the idea of showing it. Clurkicus is responsible for countless genocides on Hell itself, the fiery dump he rules. He plans on conquer all other planets of the Universe and merge them with the Never Land. He has been successful with that concerning Orderworld where entire towns, villages, cities, and even small settlements were completely destroyed, alongside all of their inhabitants, while nature itself is left to rot or decimated for Clurkicus' pleasure. Clurkicus also hates religions with everything he has, especially that which worshipped Raiden.

While Clurkicus enjoys the fact that Hell resembles Earth rather a lot, he is often just as satisfied with leaving most of the planet a barren wasteland, seeing the carnage it brings as reminders of his power to the general populace of the Never Land. Atrocities are a daily occurrence under his sadistic rule, even more so than under Ackermann's, as he sends his demonic hordes to peaceful areas that are still fully occupied, where the demons slaughter entire tows and villages with no mercy, whether on Hell or the newly merged Seido. The lives he corrupts, ruins, and destroys hold no merit to him, and he himself admits the more people suffer, the funnier he finds it.

Clurkicus also seems to display symptoms of antisocial personality disorder or something. Symptoms include lying, feeling no remorse nor guilt and showing hostility and sadism. One of Clurkicus' main traits is that he is incredibly prideful of himself, believing he'll always win everything no matter what and even claims that the other villains like Shao Kahn, Olaf Tutchenko or Onaga are afraid of him.

Thanks to his villainy, one of Clurkicus' traits also includes his reputation of being a terrible boss. With most of the random demon jobbers, Clurkicus doesn't even bother the memorise their names, however being such losers, that is rather understandable. Clurkicus also murders his men out of irritation and aggravation or just for fun and is shown to show no care for empathy whatsoever for most of his men. Despite these evil traits, Clurkicus does see successful generals in Hell's Army, like Reiko or Amdusias in a pretty cool light. Clurkicus has even shown to reward and promote them, along with calling them his "most loyal subjects".

Drahmin also mentions that Clurkicus enjoys randomly torturing any newcomer to the Never Land whenever he can. However, the Luna Devil also sometimes lets them join his army and help him takeover all of the planets. It is also heavily implied that Clurkicus enjoys torturing those poor souls because of his loneliness and virginity. However, that might just be a trait of his unpleasant personality, as it is known that even if he were in a relationship, he would still be the same o' Clurkicus.

Despite his hatred of the entire specie of Homo sapiens, Freakshow understands them enough to manipulate them into one-sided deals like a "true" Devil. He has made deals with billions of people, and all of them have ended in the dealer suffering a horrible fate. For example, Rainbow Dash made a deal with Clurkicus - in return for finding the Never Land Kamidogu laying around somewhere in Hell after it was dropped by Havik, she would be able to leave the Never Land through a portal. When she found the kamidogu and brought it to Clurkicus, the latter just laughed sadistically and cursed her with immortality and forced her to endure constant torment from the Pit of Judecca. Clurkicus also lacks empathy towards anyone he makes deals with.

When he is faced with opposition, he finds enjoyment in slaughtering thousands of rebel armies with ease. Such was the case of the Seidan warrior Dairou when he tried to stop Clurkicus from murdering all of the people of his planet and for showing no mercy. As punishment, King of the Never Never Land imprisoned him into the Church of Sorrows and forced him to watch as him and his armies slaughtered the remaining citizens of Seido, including everyone that he ever loved and then made him immortal only to throw him into the Chamber of Dismembering where Dairou's vegetable head can now be found.

Clurkicus, since supposedly even badder than Shinnok, openly views humans and even some residence of Hell who didn't join his Army as complete garbage and takes great enjoyment in slaughtering and enslaving them, mostly with making them immortal only for torture them for all eternity, like the case of Caden Quinn. As said and expected, Shinnok's successor is an expert manipulator and a master liar, he is clearly capable of fooling others into trusting him long enough for him to betray them in a heartbeat, and is falsely affable enough to influence others and make them into pawns or groupies while hating them with all his heart and soul.

Clurkicus can also to act like a spoiled child when he doesn't get his way, and in general can get explosively angry fairly easily, but that can also be thanked to his anger management issue. For example, when he learned that he and his minions were unable to slay Steven while he was in Hell since he was too fast for them, Clurkicus responded by killing at least five of his henchmen while he cussed in anger.

Unlike what one would expect, Clurkicus is incredibly loyal to his creator, Shinnok, and thoroughly does most of the things he does to benefit his rule, even while his master was "dead". One could assume that this loyalty comes from the fact that Shinnok created him.

In overall, Clurkicus is nothing short of a very great villain with more or less only one good trait. He would destroy planets, slaughter entire cities, bully people into committing suicide, making people immortal only for torturing them for eternity while also showing his arrogant and sadistic persona around, and admitting to enjoy fear and suffering of others above everything else. What more can you ask of a villain?


  • His secondary theme song is When You're Evil by Voltaire.
  • Clurkicus loves to sing songs, especially his own and those of the band Bloodbath. He is voiced by Voltaire himself when singing his theme.
  • His great-grand uncle Jerome LaRusso is actually a Deputy Chief of S.R.P.D.


Theme song

Clurkicus' theme song is, as said before, one of his favourite songs he loves to sing: When You're Evil by Voltaire (not the philosopher).


Voltaire - When You're Evil (Clurkicus's theme)

Here is the official Cave Canem version. Similar, but very more awesome, plus it fits him more since this one gives off more of a classical vibe.


Aurelio Voltaire - When you're Evil (Cave Canem version, Clurkicus' theme)