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Mafia, Gangs

Higher Rank


Lower Rank



Work for higher ranks, supply the drugs and inform the mafia memebrs of important events, make deals, be an extra gunman, work as a getaway driver

Known Citizens

Virgil Sollozzo, Sameth Clinton, Harvey Dent, Luis Espizona, Joel Stromboli, Jackson Woltz, Wendy Corduroy, Tobias Cuneo, Jancoppo, Richie Mazza, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Giovanni Jossi, Martino Santorelli, Francesco Pantozzi, Niko Bellic


A Citizen is the lowest rank there can be in the mafia, but in fact they get much more respect than a Worker. They can be of any nationality and they must do what higher ranks tell them to do, however those jobs mostly involve supplying drugs or reporting something to a higher rank, making deals with families, or being a getaway driver. Most known citizens are Virgil Sollozzo, Sameth Clinton, Harvey Dent, Jackson Woltz, Martino SantorelliWendy Corduroy, and Tobias Cuneo.