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"Gotta say, tho, it's probably more easy getting into Lola's apartment than in to her pants!"
— Cheese on Lombardi

Chuck E. Cheese (real name: Charles Entertainment Cheese) is a giant, evil, perverted, villainous, good for nothing rat. Similarly to Barney, the Teletubbies, and Elmo, he has secret evil intentions as well as a cult known as “The Barney Bunch”. Perhaps he was created by The Rat King, but I think we'll never truly know.

List of Things Chuck E. Has Done Behind People's Backs

  • Crushed someone’s car.
  • Burned down a movie theater.
  • Hurt Hal Esposito’s leg.
  • Actually kicked a football unlike Charlie Brown who always gets his ball taken away by Lucy van Pelt.
  • Put his hand in Lola Lombardi's pants and smelled them.
  • Made a birthday party annoying.
  • Stole the Krabby patty formula and sold it to Plankton for an ounce of chum (in actuality, cum).
  • Stole your bike and sold it on eBay.
  • Drank the last beer bottle.
  • Created the Fred character.
  • Scared, and tried to molest Ethan Fernandez, and Candace Baker, during their fifth birthday party.
  • He secretly helped Garfielf kill Odie.
  • Paid and told Angelica Pickles to bully the living hell out of Tommy, Chaz and Chuckie for "giggles n' sith" which she did.
  • Manipulated William Kjellsson into giving him almost all of his food in the fridge for a deal he did not fulfil.
  • Tried to kill Lola's parents when she threatened to put a restraining order on him with a Dolphin, but failed.

Five year old Candace getting scared by Chuck E. Cheese.