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Charlie and Danny
Nickname(s) Charl, Carl, doctor, doc, Charley
Appears in Manhunt 2
Rank Doctor, orderly
Status Deceased
Killed By Daniel Lamb controlled by Leo Kasper
Birth 1967, Szeged, Hungary
Death 2003
Weapon Needle, nightstick
Voice Actor ?
"... If I see another dead doctor! I'm gonna become super-psycho."
— Leo talking about Charlie

Charles Von Fre Jr. (better known as Charlie) was a orderly at the Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Tall Trees, West Virginia.


Assigned to check the inmates held at the hospital once Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper had been sent to in 2003, Charlie was often distracted by the desk receptionist, who he frequently flirted with.


Charlie being killed

  • "Aaarghh, aaahh, aaarhhh!"

He was killed in 2003 after Leo broke free and in Danny's body, killed him with a sledgehammer.