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"Just because you didn't do sith to me doesn't mean I won't hate ya, you're still a piece of sith to me, no matter what. Because humanity is rude and over-populated, they don't have a heart for anyone but themselves, these humans. Why must I suffer because of them? I'll make them worship me, whether they like it or not. They'll pay as I paid."
Specter Trinity

These people hold a deep hatred and grudge against humanity, due to humans so-called normal facts of life, or some other reasons. Other reasons can include childhood bullying, bad experience with most of people, parent abuse, etc. Sometimes some other species than human can hate the human race. Good examples are Kotal Kahn, his brother Shao, and Lord Shinnok. Misanthropes are also against human rights and prefer chaos and wars over freedom and peace, due to wars making most of humanity sad and depressed. Misanthropy can also lead people into committing terrible crimes as they no longer have compassion towards their fellow man (in fact, such people often despise their fellow man).

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