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"Haha! You Americans are all the same! Obsessed with bloody money!"
Urian Toilets to Marston

Characters who are infamous for their greed, whether it be for material wealth or some other tangible goal (an example would be Angelica Pickles and her greediness for food, although that is more suitable for the sin of gluttony). These villains can be singled out by a hankering for what is inessential or more of what they already have much of.

Greedy characters simply cannot get enough and will always seek new ways to get more of their favoured item, as well as keeping all of it for themselves. They can also be very spoiled individuals. A particular example of a greedy villain is a gold digger, a person (usually a woman) who only dates or marries a wealthy partner for the sole purpose of getting and exploiting that partner's money and resources.

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