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"If you want to go into one of France City's most toughest neighbourhoods - Old Town, you will be full-knee-deep in Cuneos. Cuneos are a little rich: They own a few gambling joints, some clubs and hotels, plus two or three weapons tradings and chocolate factories. Old Town is beaten up and abandoned sewer of a place, full of tenement buildings and burned-down warehouses. That is full of goons, that are armed to the teeth, and the railyards are made of rat's nest of scumbags and for late night wheelin' n' dealin'."
Clemenza about Cuneos

You don't get by in Old Town without being tough. The Cuneos are quite a little rich - They have a few chocolate factories, some prostitution, plus a busy weapons trade. They only think about candies, sweets and chocolate, the fatties. But what they do have they're determined to hold on to. Their icon is a "Vulture".

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Crest of Cuneo.

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