Call of Duty: Nuclear War or Modern Warfare 3 is sequel of my SSJJ ideas that I really like. 



Enemy Factions

Allied Troops

  • Wolf Company
  • Task Force 141
  • SAS
  • Russian Loyalists
  • American Forces and British Forces (Past Missions only.)
  • Chinese Militia
  • German Forces
  • USMC
  • Army Rangers
  • USAF

Characters and Status

Wolf Company

Present Characters

  • Captain Jamie Salmon. WIA and still fighting (At the end after fighting in the coast of Russia and China).
  • Cara Martin. Civilian. Alive
  • Sergeant Riley Parker. KIA. Killed by Viktor
  • Corporal Wayne Wilson. MIA presumed KIA. Taken by Opfor troops.
  • Corporal Jethro Wilson. Confirmed KIA presumed MIA. Killed by Nikita in Germany for testing of the new satellite.
  • Lieutenant Jack Mannings. KIA. KIlled by Viktor

Past Characters

  • Lieutenant John Reeds. KIA. Killed by Russian Mobster. (Salmon's capture.)
  • Second Lieutenant Jack Mannings. Alive and currently working in 51. (Freefall.)
  • Sergeant, Corporal Paul Parker. Kicked from army and now dead. (Freefall.)
  • Sergeant Ronald Thorne. Alive and currently working in 51. (Freefall.)

Task Force 141


  • Lieutenant Colonel John Price. Alive.
  • Colonel MacMillan. KIA. Killed by Nikita's nephew.

Russian Loyalists

  • Sergeant Kamarov. KIA. Shot in the head by Viktor.
  • Nikolai. Alive


  • Sergeant Major Red Nancarrow. KIA. Killed by injuries sustained in crash caused by Nuke.
  • Commander Blake Johnson. KIA. Shot in the head by Olga Radanovich
  • Sergeant Josh Wade. KIA. Shot in the head by enemy Hind.
  • Sergeant First Class Miles McFluff. KIA. Killed by in crash after Nuke attack
  • Corporal Greg Saleton. KIA. Fell off the collapsing church bell room.


  • Leading Aircraftman/Corporal Mark James. Playable character. (Bonus Level). KIA. Killed by Russians
  • Group Captain Greg Wilson. KIA. Killed in train. (Bonus level)
  • Flying Officer Jack Copland. WIA. (Bonus Level)
  • Air Marshall John Wayne. KIA. Pushed into a sharp thin piece of metal. (Bonus Level).


U.S. Army Rangers


What If Characters

  • Roach's Ghost. KIA. Dream sequence of Soap's dream, doesn't actually exist.
  • Santa Claus. KIA after assasination attempt by Soap

What If Factions

  • Santa's Elves. Santa's bodyguards.


Act I

Act II


Act IV