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Barzini family

Barzini family. On the picture are Carl Rizzini (Sitting tied up in the back), Tony Bianchi (Putting oil on da floor) and Don Emillio Barzini (Smokin' a cig, full o' krak).

The Barzini Family is an organized crime syndicate of the French Mafia that was founded in 2004 by Emilio Barzini after the assassination of Giuseppe Mariposa. The Barzinis have territory in Paris, led by their new boss, Paul Fortunato.


Emilio Barzini was born in the 1959 in Little Town, France City, before moving to the Mid Town as a young man. His family was among the upper-class families who wanted to make more money by being French, extending their business. Barzini's business differed from his family's: he decided to join the Mafia, joining the Mariposa gang as a Capo alongside Ettore Barzini, his brother. Barzini split from the Mariposa Mafia after Giuseppe Mariposa's murder in 2004 in the Castellammarese War, and Emilio Barzini took over Mid Town as the base for his own criminal empire, the powerful Barzinis. He became the master of the Tattaglia Family, as a powerful family, the Barzinis were rivals of the Corleones. Barzini recruited many people into his family, such as his future veteran caporegimes Big Bobby Toro and Domenico Mazza. In 2009, his family invested in the narcotics trade of Turkish businessman Virgil Sollozzo to make more money, and his family was concerned with the Corleones, who kept their politicians at hand by refusing to invest in the drug business. Without political or police protection, the Barzinis could only rely on the slandering of cops or swats by spy Sergio Turrera and Victor Barzini. Despite a brief war with the Corleones in 2008, they had not fought any other families for a while, partly because of their might. But in 2010, when Sollozzo was murdered by Michael Corleone, the furious and impoverished Barzinis struck out, with a major underworld conflict known as the Five Families Mob War breaking out. During this 1-year war, all of the Barzinis were killed. Emilio Barzini was shot in 2011, ending the family temporarily. His son Victor was captured in 2011, and so did die his capo Domenico Mazza, so Paul Fortunato took the reins of the Barzini family. He became an ally of the politics after the fighting ended with Corleones in early 2014, and now in 2015, they reached power again. Various new tourists succeeded and become members of Barzinis, and the modern boss Fortunato took over in Old Town in December of 2014, and rules a portion of land in Paris. Corleones regained Old Town and all France City in 2015, leaving them with only a hide-out cave with electricity plus a mansion. The Barzinis are also allied and get help from the Stracci Family, Tattaglia FamilyCuneo FamilyO'Neille FamilyBoggel's organized crime ringDeadshot's Gang, and Dixmor Project. They were also formerly allied to the Travonni Family.

In the video game

In "The Godfather Game", the Barzinis are the most powerful of the families that Charlie Trapani needs to fight. Don Emilio Barzini ordered the death of Johnny Trapani, Charlie's father, in 2008, since he was an citizen of the Corleone family. The Barzinis play the role as the main antagonists of the video game, being the last family to be wiped out in 2011 when the Barzini Mansion blew up and Emilio Barzini was shot in the Little Town by Charlie. They can kill the player with a few shots, having the most powerful buttonmen and they need at least two head shots to be killed. They are indicated with green like dollar suits.

Despite being the main enemy in the story and Don Barzini is the main enemy of the Trapanis, Don Vito and Michael, the Corleone Family seems to generally be in a neutral-good relationship with the Barzini family. After Charlie's initiation, he can talk to a Corleone Soldier and Capo, both of them will say that the Barzinis are "pretty good guys.", which means the Barzini and Corleone rivalry is more of a personal vendetta rather than nemesis.

In the game, the Barzini are strong yet seemingly paranoid family, as their executives always get special treatments. Caporegime Domenico Mazza has an army of bodyguards as well as Underboss Victor Barzini and his sister Diamond Tiara, Don Barzini himself is scared if Stracci Family Capo is in a hit list of a rival family.

Despite their seemingly paranoia, the Barzinis are incredibly tough. If you just start playing, avoid fighting Barzinis at all cost except if you are confident to get a headshot. Even an Spy can dish heavy damage in fistfight and never challenge a Soldier or above, because the damage they receive is barely noticeable and the damage they give can whack you instantly.

The Barzinis are known to be allied to the Stracci family, they can sometimes even be seen working together. Bobby Toro, capo of the Straccis, is even married to Carla Barzini, Don Barzini's own sister. Together they have two children, Umberto Toro and Carmine Barzini. Toro is even referred as "brother" by Don Barzini, which is a high honour for someone of a less-wealthy family like Stracci. Toro is also Carmine Stracci's adoptive godfather. Roberto Barzini is also married to Don Stracci's sister, Gianna, and has two sons with her.



Theme song

Barzini mob's theme song is Master of Puppets by Metallica. It fits them, as we all know - the Barzinis were masters of the Tattaglias.

Metallica - Master of Puppets (Barzini's theme)

Metallica - Master of Puppets (Barzini's theme)