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Arthur Morgan
Biographical information
Real name Arthur Burton Morgan
Also known as Arthur, Morgy, Morgan Organ, Art, bandit, Burt, Bur, Mr. Morgen, Black Lung, sick man, TB
Nationality This is Sparta American (with British ancestry)
Born Unknown, in June, 1843
Age 43
Status Deceased
Physical description
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown/orange
Ethnicity Caucasian-Anglo-Saxton
Height 6'1” (185 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Blood type B-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Dutch's Gang, Dutch van der Linde (both former), John Marston, Mary Linton
Occupation(s) Outlaw, bank robber, gunman
Notable family members Dutch's Gang (like family)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Red Dead Redemption 2
Voiced by (English) Roger Clark
"We've got lawmen in three different states after us! Three! They chased us from the west, they chased us through the deserts, they chased us over the mountains. Everywhere, sith."
— Morgan on the gang and police

Arthur Morgan is a central hero and the boring main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. He is the second-in-command of the notorious Dutch's Gang despite not anything at all, almost.


Arthur is a lazy senior member and underboss of Dutch's Gang. He was taken under Dutch van der Linde's wing at a young age and serves as his right-hand man. He was presumably born on June in 1843 and has English ancestry. A petty criminal and bounty hunter, his father was arrested for grand larceny in 1864, when Arthur was 11 years old.

Arthur spent time riding alongside Dutch who led him to claim the outlaw life as his own, along with Dutch's own vision of a life lived free from the government's and banks' rule of law. This loyalty makes him one of the few people Dutch really trusts, along with Hosea Matthews. Dutch however makes a grave mistake by trusting the future turncoat, Gicov Bell.

However, it is revealed that Arthur is going through an "existential crisis", where he begins to develop scepticism regarding Dutch's socialist ideologies and motives as the gang grow more notorious in status over time.

At some point later, Arthur met, slept and banged a young waitress named Eliza, resulting in her becoming pregnant with a child, a son of Arthur's who he named Martin. Eliza knew that Arthur was the father of the child but accepted that he left the place in order to work for Dutch on the side, even it meant only laying around, doing nothing. Arthur would visit Eliza and Marty every few months and stay with them for days and days at a time. One day, Arthur arrived at their home and saw two crosses outside. Arthur knew immediately that they were both dead, and he later learned that they were killed by a bunch of outlaws or "nobodies" as he put it, all for ten dollars. The incident hardened Arthur ever since and he never truly coped with the pain and had to rely on beer and cigarettes to help him cope.


After a botched ferry heist in Gold Town, Dutch's Gang was forced to flee their and attempted to cross them mountains into the west to evade law enforcement. Not long after relocating to Coulter's, Gicov Bell, Arthur, and Dutch van der Linde go out looking for some supplies. They stop at a homestead to try and ask for supplies, but they encounter the O'Driscoll Gang. After insulting them, a gunfight breaks out, which results in the deaths of the O'Driscolls. After looting the ranch, they encounter Sadie Adler, whose husband was killed by the rival gang. Feeling bad for her, especially since Gicov tried to rape her, they bring her to their camp. Not long after returning, Arthur is asked by Abigail Marston to find her lover, John who has gone missing. He along with Javier Escuella go and find John bleeding and being all injured from being attacked by wolves, but they manage to bring him back to the camp.

The gang then decides to attack the O'Driscoll hideout, which is situated nearby as a camp according to an O'Driscoll they interrogated during the battle at the homestead. The gang attacks the camp, and after killing the O'Driscolls, find dynamite and information about a train belonging to the rich tycoon Leviticus Cornwall. In order to fund their escape from the snowy and icy mountains, Dutch has the gang rob the train, which results in them getting a significant amount of money in bonds, but not without slaughtering most of Cornwall's personal guards.

After the thaw comes in, the gang finally escapes the mountains to go to a new camp location near Valentine Village called the Horseshoe Overlook. Arthur will first ride with Josiah Trelawny, Charles Smiff, and Escuella to rescue Sean MacGuire from Ike Scalding's boys. Arthur takes little to no part in the frontal assault, leaving Smiff and Javier to do most of the work. After a bloody firefight, Sean was rescued, and the gang members plus Sean returned to the camp. After returning, Leopold Strauss tells Arthur and Dutch that Gicov was arrested after a gunfight in Strawberry Town and demands the gang to go rescue him. Arthur will first bring Lenny Summers to Valentine to get drunk to calm their nerves, before going to Strawberry alone to rescue Bell. After the Sheriff refuses to release Gicov, Arthur breaks the bars off on his cell, and a firefight ensues. Arthur yells at Gicov that they need to get to the horses and flee, but Bell refuses, saying he has something else he has to do. Morgan is forced to watch Bell kill almost every lawman in the town, until at last he breaks into a house, and kills the man who had his guns. The two then flee on horseback, after which Arthur berates Gicov for his recklessness on going back for the guns plus killing half of the town.

Johnny then contacts Arthur, and tells him that he heard of a train that will be moving through Valentine. He suggests that in order to get the train to stop and rob, Arthur will steal a stagecoach carrying Cornwall's oil. Arthur stole the 'coach, and rendezvoused with Sean, Charles, and John. After putting the stagecoach in front of the train, the train halted, and was preparing to be robbed. Charles got down the train with a large bag, and whoever didn't put some mula or jewellery in, Arthur yelled at them and threatened them with rape, blood, sweat and tears. Morgan then quickly goes looking for Sean, who has gone missing on the train. Arthur finds the annoying Celtic getting beaten up by the engineer, whom Arthur killed. It is then that the law descends upon them, being alerted by Cornwall's men. The four gang members are forced to flee, and they barely escape the law.

John, who knows they still need more money, talks to Arthur, and tells him that he heard of a herd of sheep coming in. He tells Morgan to buy a Sniper Rifle they will need to scare off the ranch-hands herding the sheep. After buying one and shooting near the hands, they flee like cowards, and Arthur corrals the sheep to the auction along with Marston. The man who runs the auction recognises the sheep and the men who brought them (saying they belong to Dutch and his bearded, bathless bunch) and says if they pay him forty percent of all the profits, he will keep his mouth shut. The sum falls to eighteen percent lastly after John negotiates with the man. Arthur and John then go to the saloon in Valentine, where they meet the parasite, Leopold Strauss and Dutch himself. While Dutch and Morgan drank inside, the rich Leviticus Cornwall and his hired guns capture Strauss and John outside. Dutch and Arthur rescue them, before fighting their way out of the town back to the camp. Realising that they can't stay in that area for long, Dutch sends Arthur and Charles to investigate a possible camp location. After some exhaustive search (Charles did most of the search, Arthur just stood there), they finally found an ideal location: Clemens' Point.

After moving to the new camp location, The Point, Hosea, Arthur, and Dutch go out riding and fishing. While travelling they encounter Sheriff Gray, who has captured Josiah Trelawny, due to him running an illegal gold prospecting operation and selling fake candies. After Arthur and a deputy re-capture a group of outlaws who escaped during their chatter, Trelawny is released thanks to Van der Linde's convinces. In addition, Gray decides to make Arthur, Dutch, and William Williamson his deputies in order to crack down on the Braithwaite Family's funded moonshine operation ran by the Louisiana Riders. With the help of Archibald the deputy, the three gang members succeed in bringing down the moonshine operation, earning favour with the Sheriff.

Dutch then tells Arthur to go to Caligula Hall, to find out more about the Gray Family. Morgan ends up talking to Bobby Gray, who asks him to go to Braithwaite Manor, and deliver a letter to his secret lover, Penelope Braithwaite, who also tries to hide his relationship with him as deep as possible due to their family feuds. After delivering the letter to her, she will give him one of her own back to give to Bob. The letter will say that Penelope is planning on going to a women's suffrage rally. This news alarm Bob, and he pleads Arthur to make sure her life isn't danger, offering him money if he will help him protect her. Arthur accepts, and he and Bob ride up to the hall where the protesters are, and when they are unsuccessful in convincing Pen to leave, Arthur is tasked with driving the carriage in which the protesters will be in to protect her. After the march ends and all of the misogynists are defeated, Arthur finds out money for him promised by Bob was all just a lie, and he angrily departs and returns to the camp.

When Arthur gets back to camp, he is asked by Grandpa Marston if he will join him, Bill, and Charles in robbing a stagecoach. Unfortunately for them, the stagecoach turns out to be owned by Leviticus Cornwall unsurprisingly, who has hired yet another small army of bodyguards to protect the stagecoach. After robbing the stagecoach anyway, the gang members are forced to flee to a nearby barn, where they attempt to hide. The hired guns, however, find them after the clumsy Bill lights the barn on fire. The men are then forced to fight their way out of the barn and into the forest, where they engage with some of Cornwall's men in a shootout (Morgan didn't shoot at all, he was just resting behind a tree), before escaping back to Clemens' Point.

Not long after, Lenny approaches Arthur, and tells him that after talking to some of the "coloured" community in Rhodes, he has learned that the Louisiana Riders have a large storage of military weapons stockpiled. Arthur, however, disagrees to rob the Riders due to his laziness, and Lenny has to do all of that by himself. A fine, brave hero, I might add, unlike the gutless Arthur. Lenny also finds a new hideout for them after killing all of the Riders in case they ever need one: Shady Belle.

After Morgan returns to the camp, Bill and Karen Jones him, and propose the plan of robbing the Valentine bank, which they have already collected information on. After a bit of prodding, Arthur agrees, and the three ride to Valentine. Karen pretends to be a drunken, peasant of a harlot, and after confusing the guard, Billy knocks them out from behind with his Cattleman Revolver. Arthur then places some dynamites on the bank's safes, blowing the locks off, and Bill takes the money. On their way out, they are attacked by the law sheriffs, but the four gang members (Lenny included, as he joined the heist while drinking in Valentine saloon) succeed in fighting their way to safety (Morgan again, doing nothing, so we could still say only the three members). After returning to camp, Dutch congratulates them in front of the entire gang, especially Arthur, who did almost nothing except blowing up the locks.


  • He is not in any way related to the Morgan Dynasty.
  • I hate this character.