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Alexandra McRae
Nickname(s) Mrs. Death, scary nurse, Nurse, Miss Nurse, Mrs. McRae, Mrs. Nurse
Appears in Bully
Rank School nurse
Affiliations Dixmor Academy faculty
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth 13th of April, 1948, Burlington, Vermont, New England, United States of America
Hair Grey
Eyes Light brown
Race Caucasian
Death None
Weapon Needle, hacksaw
"I can fix you, I can break you. Don't anger the healer!"
— McRae to a student if he/she pisses her off

Mrs. Alexandra McRae is a school nurse.

Role in Game

Mrs. McRae plays no role in any mission in the game. She occasionally appears wandering around campus, and will appear in the girls' dorm if Jimmy causes trouble there.

Personality and traits

Alexandra McRae, like Hugo Slawter, is morbid, frequently talking about the inevitability of death. She also appears to dislike children, and she takes an unspecified form of medication. She uses medical-themed insults, such as calling someone a "vegetable" or "mental patient." She also likes to torture students and dosen't even really care for anyone at all.

She shares the same birthday as a user on this wiki.